Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Money | By Ethel Goodwin

Domino’s Pizza Repaves Potholes In Milford, Delaware

Domino’s Pizza Repaves Potholes In Milford, Delaware

"I was ecstatic, I didn't think it was possible but Domino's delivered on their promise to fix potholes in Bartonville", Montgomery said.

Dominos is no stranger to unusual publicity stunts, but those are usually tied to its vast ecommerce back-end, like its pizza robots or instant order pizza button.

You can even get interactive on the site by seeing what happens when a driver goes over a bumpy road.

Potholes are causing massive pizza disruption problems in the U.S., so Domino's has made a decision to do something about it.

The company has begun a campaign to help pay for road repairs.

"Potholes, cracks and bumps in the road can cause irreversible damage to your pizza during the drive home from Domino's", the company said in its press release. Towns that are selected by the company will receive funds to help fix roads "so pizzas make it home safely". The campaign was created by the CP+B ad agency, which specialises in drumming up media interest, claiming on their website to make the "most written about, talked about, and outrageously successful work in the world". Burbank, California, Milford, Delaware; Bartonville, Texas and Athens, Georgia are all in on the act, allowing Domino's to take over what really should be a basic government service and run it for their own benefit. It's unclear how much money will actually be given out or how many municipalities will be selected. They all come with a free topping: some corporate branding on top of the pothole.

You can nominate your town here.

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