Published: Sun, June 17, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

Princess Elsa and Captain Jack Sparrow Join Kingdom Hearts III

Princess Elsa and Captain Jack Sparrow Join Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III will launch on January 29, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Daniel Chayer Bisson introduced the opening moments of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and outlined new gameplay features of the game in a jungle sequence where Lara uses stealth tactics in the trees and lush environments.

Going into Square Enix's press conference, we don't expect a truckload of announcements, but rather, more detail about their upcoming titles, including Kingdom Hearts III, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Dragon Quest XI. And Lara Croft has been transformed in a never-seen-before avatar.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was first announced five years ago at the 2013 E3 Expo but fans got their first look at the game's combat last year and mini-games earlier this year, so it has been a long time coming. A pre-order bonus of $10 is included once you buy the game through accredited sources. I wonder if they did the same for the other characters like Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Gibbs, and Tia Dalma.

At Microsoft's event, representatives were excited that Kingdom Hearts III on Xbox One represented the first time the franchise has ever shown up on a Microsoft console. Surprisingly, there's also the Pirates of the Carribean universe, where Captain Jack Sparrow sailed a ship in the sands of the desert.

You can (re) see the entirety of the conference Square Enix in the video below. The video does mention we'll learn more about the game in August.

After half a decade of waiting, Kingdom Heart 3 finally announced its release date and even dropped a lot of trailers. Character's look life-like and the water is at Sea of Thieves level of good. If you know your keyblades from your xblades then you might know the answer already, but for the rest of you: here's everything you need to know about that Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer song.

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