Published: Sun, June 17, 2018
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Trending: How 27ft Python swallowed mother of two

Trending: How 27ft Python swallowed mother of two

According to Hindustan Times, the body of the 25-year-old man identified as Akbar was found when local people cut open the 23-foot python after it was found bloated and slithering awkwardly in the village of Salubiro, on the eastern island of Sulawesi on Monday, March 27, 2017. More than 100 people starting looking for Tiba in the village of Persiapan Lawela on the island.

The boys saw the huge python which was barely able to move - having swallowed the woman whole.

"The family then reported this to the police and the search reached its conclusion at 9am".

The Chief of local police, Agus Ramos said, "The villagers who were suspicious brought the python back to the village and cut it open".

Extremely disturbing video has emerged of a woman being removed from the belly of a seven-metre-long python in Indonesia.

Villagers cutting the snake open
Villagers cutting the snake open

Her head was towards the snake's tail and her feet at its mouth - showing that she had been swallowed head first.

Reticulated pythons are common throughout Indonesia and other areas of Southeast Asia but they rarely kill humans.

Wa Tiba's garden is located at the base of a rocky cliff, frequented by snakes and reptiles.

Giant pythons, which regularly top 5.7m (19ft), are commonly found in Indonesia and the Philippines. In the wild they are known to eat monkeys, pigs and other mammals.

In March a year ago, a farmer was killed by a python in the village of Salubiro on Sulawesi island. Nevertheless, just such a horror took place on an adjacent island past year, when a man's body was extracted from a 23-foot-long python, shown in a gruesome YouTube video.

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