Published: Thu, June 28, 2018
Sport | By Ruben Hill

Lakers' Free Agency Pitch To Paul George Leaked

Lakers' Free Agency Pitch To Paul George Leaked

The final part will air after George has made his free agency decision public and will focus on how George ultimately came to his decision.

Sources have also said that George will likely also consider the Los Angeles Lakers. George even informed the Indiana Pacers he planned to sign with the Lakers this summer before being traded to OKC last July.

Wojnarowski added that George is still "seriously interested" in returning to OKC in addition to giving "serious consideration" to signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. And it seemed set in stone for a while that he would join the Lakers soon after, not only because he is a Southern California native, but also due to their ambitions of creating the next super team with plans of adding LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard as well.

The Lakers are the favorite to land LeBron in free agency and are probably the favorite to trade for Kawhi.

The Paul George sweepstakes are in full swing, and the entire league is in on trying to figure out where he'll end up. Part three will air following his free agency decision - who knows what that will consist of just yet?

George did not make as big of an impact as expected in his first season with the Thunder, and his last game of the year was arguably his worst. "A lot is playing into this, so it's a bit overwhelming".

And Russell Westbrook has been in regular contact with George in an attempt to convince the five-time All-Star to stay.

"They honestly check the boxes where I needed those boxes to be checked from what a player wants and needs out of a front office, out of a medical group, out of teammates, out of a coaching staff", George said on April 28.

The 34-year-old Anthony had been the headliner his entire career - he's 19th in National Basketball Association history with 25,417 points - but he was more of a catch-and-shoot scorer last season instead of the isolation specialist he had always been. "They checked the boxes on what needs to be checked".

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