Published: Wed, July 04, 2018
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How do the World Cup quarter-finalists compare?

How do the World Cup quarter-finalists compare?

Uruguay's Edinson Cavani has always played second fiddle to his more illustrious attacking colleagues at country or club level but the long-haired marksman emerged out of those shadows with his twin strike in the World Cup round of 16 last week. Doctors inform that Cavani has already started rehabilitation and perform some exercise. Following a corner, Ronaldo rose up, but it was the unmarked Pepe, 35, who sent home the header from behind, as the oldest Portugal player to score at a World Cup and for the first time here in Russian Federation to strike a ball into the net of Uruguay.

The winners from today's matches will face each other in the quarter-finals in Sochi next weekend.

Tabarez saluted man-of-the-match Cavani but said he was not sure whether the Paris St Germain striker, who limped off in the 74th minute, would be ready for next Friday's quarter-final against France.

It was the 12 goal that Suarez has assisted for Cavani.

"There was a cross to the left, then a cross to the right - there is no scheme against that", Portugal coach Fernando Santos said of the goal.

In an extremely tense match, the 31-year-old Edinson Cavani from Uruguay scored twice (first in the seventh minute and next in the 62nd minute). The pass to Cavani came from Rodrigo Bentancur, with a Suarez dummy en route to throw the defence off. "I hope he stays but we'll see what happens".

"There is another tournament starting in September and of course we hope Cristiano will be with us to help the younger players grow", Santos said.

Images emerged after the match of Cavani struggling to manoeuvre down a flight of stairs though the Uruguayan medical team have since announced that the injury is only an edema and nothing more. Among these records is Ronaldo becoming the first player to score in eight consecutive major internationals tournaments after he won and converted a fourth-minute penalty against Spain on June 15. "But we have a very strong team in terms of our mindset".

"At this stage we still believe we have room for improvement", Alves said. It will be very hard for us. Messi will have to be at his very best if they are to get past France, who are much better than the Nigerians.

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