Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
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Thai Cave Rescue: First Of The Trapped Boys Emerge

Thai Cave Rescue: First Of The Trapped Boys Emerge

He told reporters the four rescued boys were taken to the hospital in the town of Chiang Rai, the provincial capital, for evaluation, and the next phase of the operation will resume after about 10-20 hours.

"Today is a D-Day for our operation", Narongsak said.

The boys and their coach, whose team is known as the Wild Boars, became stranded when they were exploring the cave after a practice game on June 23.

The rescue of the first six was a stunning victory in an operation Narongsak had earlier dubbed "Mission Impossible", and led to cautious optimism that the others would also be saved.

The boys were rescued using full face masks, with the first one emerging out of the cave at about 17:40 local time Sunday, followed by the second one 10 minutes later, Chiang Rai governor Narongsak Osottanakorn told a press briefing at the site after the first successful operation.

Thai government announces that two boys have emerged from the flooded cave in which they were trapped.

It could take two to four days complete the mission, officials said.

"Clearly there is a huge risk of someone panicking if they are not used to the diving environment", Tony Haigh, a spokesman for the British Cave Rescue Council, which had two divers that found the boys, told the Post. We will have to do the next mission as successfully as the one we did today. A former Thai navy SEAL died making the dive on Friday. But Narongsak said earlier that mild weather and falling water levels over the last few days had created optimal conditions for an underwater evacuation that won't last if it rains again.

"He loved them more than himself", said Ms Joy Khampai, a friend of Mr Ekapol's who works at a coffee stand in the Mae Sai monastery. "We hope they are coming out today".

Between the base camp inside the cave and the trapped boys were twisting, turning cave passageways with torrents of water gushing through. Ropes were installed to help guide the boys through the darkness. At the hospital, the team will be checked for airborne lung infections and bacterial infections that they could have developed after being in a damp cave environment for an extended period of time.

The story of the "Wild Boars" soccer team, who first ventured into the caves more than two weeks ago before flood waters trapped them inside, has gripped Thai and worldwide media.

But for many in Thailand, Mr Ekapol, who left monkhood three years ago, is an nearly divine force, sent to protect the boys as they go through this ordeal.

Sustained heavy rains could make the water rise to the shelf where the children were sitting, reducing the area to "less than 10 square meters", he added.

For the boys who can't swim, this 4km back to safety will likely take much longer.

Musk said based on "feedback from Thailand", the engineers made a decision to build a "tiny, kid-size submarine" using a large silver tube meant to be affixed to a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

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