Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

Apple and Blackmagic designed this eGPU to turbocharge MacBook Pros

Apple and Blackmagic designed this eGPU to turbocharge MacBook Pros

Apple Watch - Apple is working on two new Apple Watch models for 2018 that will have bigger displays and enhanced heart rate detection features.

The new models - one 13-inch model and one 15-inch model, both with Apple's Touch bar - have new chips that Apple said should dramatically increase performance. It now can be configured with quad-core Intel chips. The new models feature faster 8th-generation Intel processors with six cores in the 15-inch model and four cores in the 13-inch model.

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro now features a faster more powerful 8th-generation 6 core Intel Core processor, which the company claims can deliver 70 percent faster performance.

For quite some time now, Apple's top of the line MacBook Pro has been the source of a lot of controversy and criticism.

There are easily-spotted differences between the new and old design, giving hope that Apple has ironed out the reliability problems.

This supports earlier rumors that Apple would either update or ditch the MacBook Air altogether.

We can't say until the models show up in the channel, including Apple's own Stores, later this week. Most notably, Apple has not fully changed the design of the laptops' keyboards, which have drawn serious complaints from consumers who find them unreliable.

As Apple updated its website with the newest additions to the Macbook Pro family, something just as noteworthy came to light. The company really souped-up the specs of the latest Macbook Pro model, the one that debuted in 2016 with the controversial butterfly keyboard, 4 sole USB-C ports, and Touch Bar in place of the function keys. The Iris graphics on the 13-inch Pro with Touch Bar and the AMD GPU on the 15-inch Pro are also a huge step up. Apple also points out that the retooled MacBook Pro can compile code faster and run multiple virtual machines and test environments easier than ever. Both also offer up to 4TB and 2TB of solid state storage respectively. It also brings "Hey Siri", which enables users to simply call up Siri using voice. While other notebook-makers are turning to OLED and other screen technologies to raise their game, these new True Tone Retina Displays suggest Apple isn't sleeping on screen quality either.

Doubling the memory to 32 GB is $400, while adding the Radeon Pro 560X GPU to the entry-level 15-inch is another $100.

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