Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Israel to Russia - Assad's safe from us, but Iran must quit Syria

Israel to Russia - Assad's safe from us, but Iran must quit Syria

After shooting down a drone crossing in from Syria early in the morning, the Israeli Air Force attacked three Syrian Army posts on Wednesday, saying it was punishment for the drone itself, which they blamed on the military.

Despite no official acknowledgment of most of the attacks in Syria, Netanyahu and other Israeli officials have repeatedly said Israel will not accept any Iranian presence in this northern neighbor. Despite the denial, many observers believe the story since it is consistent with a series of rumors and speculation that includes one suggestion that Netanyahu was prepared to go even farther and try to get US President Donald Trump to lift American sanctions on Russian Federation in return for Putin effecting a withdrawal of the Iranian presence from Israel's doorstep.

So in addition to discussing the fluid situation in Syria, the two leaders are expected to deal with other issues, and the inter-connectivity between them, such as the significance of the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal; how to get Iran to exit Syria; the sanctions on Russian Federation as a result of the Ukrainian issue; and US President Donald Trump's long-awaited ideas for a Mideast peace plan.

Israel has grown deeply alarmed by the expanding clout of its arch enemy Iran during the seven-year war in Syria.

Asked by a reporter if he anticipated a time when the Quneitra crossing would be reopened under the United Nations -monitored armistice between Israel and Syria, and whether the two old enemies could establish "some kind of relationship", Lieberman said: "I reckon we are a long way from that, but we are not ruling out anything". "It is very important for the national security of the State of Israel", Netanyahu said before leaving for Moscow.

Israel coordinates its military activities with Russian Federation in Syria.

Israel then carried out what it called "large-scale" raids on Syrian air defence systems and Iranian targets, which reportedly included T-4.

"They are treated in hospital and go back the same day", said Major Sergei Kutikov, an Israeli military health officer. In February, Israel intercepted what it said was an armed drone sent into its territory by Iran.

The timing of the Putin-Netanyahu meeting Wednesday is considered not as coincidental.

The last meeting between the two sides took place in Moscow in May.

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