Published: Sun, July 15, 2018
Money | By Ethel Goodwin

A primer to save on Amazon Prime Day

A primer to save on Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is set to officially start on July 16 and will run through July 17, but Amazon has kicked off a five-day campaign in an effort to position the summertime shopping event as one that rivals Black Friday.

What is more, for the first time on Prime Day, members can shop from hundreds of deals from Amazon's worldwide selection.

At the Amazon Prime Day Experience Zones, you will be able to experience several new products manufactured by top brands such as OnePlus, Nestle NesPlus, Marks & Spencer, GAP, Bosch, HP, Sennheiser and much more. But nothing comes close to Amazon Prime Day-the retail giant's 36-hour discount-fest for Prime members.

Some of the other special offers for Prime members include four months off Prime Music for 99pm from Amazon Music Unlimited (AMU) - a deal that expires on Tuesday, July 31.

In a global flagship event created by Amazon, over 100 million Prime members in 17 countries, including India, will participate in Prime Day.

In order to prepare for Amazon Prime Day, the retailer is advising that anyone with an Amazon Prime account should install the Amazon Assistant, which is available on desktops and mobiles.

The grocery store chain is also offering discounts on select items including produce, seafood and more ahead of prime day. And right now, you can get 75% off the UK RRP of this TOZO Q1012 drone, its price down to just £41.90 with free delivery. Plenty of unwitting Amazon Prime customers have complained they had no idea they were signed up and had already been charged.

"Shoppers are smart and they want to make the most of their $119, so eBay is offering hundreds of deals with free shipping and no membership required", said Suzy Deering, chief marketing officer of eBay Americas, in a news release. There is something called Amazon Family for Prime-exclusive, tailored deals for families.

How to subscribe to Amazon Prime membership? For both of those deals, know that once the trial pricing is up, you will automatically be renewed at full price if you don't cancel. In one, mountain biker Micayla Gatto navigates a series of jumps as text reads, "When you wanna go big, get the best price".

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