Published: Thu, July 19, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

Apple flaunts new emojis to mark World Emoji Day

Apple flaunts new emojis to mark World Emoji Day

As you can see above, all the top execs used the Memoji feature to create their avatars, and some of them are spot on.

The holiday falls on July 17 because it's the date displayed on the calendar emoji and the date that Apple first unveiled iCal for Mac in 2002.

And joining the growing list are kangaroos, peacocks, cupcakes, moon cakes, and a superhero.

Red-haired Scots will finally be able to express themselves in emoji form, when a range of new ginger cartoon faces comes to Apple iPhones and iPads later this year.

. Emojis can be polarizing, however; some people hate them. It is good to know Apple has not forgotten the basic emojis in iPhone and iPad keyboards that users love to add to conversations.

The new characters include more options to represent people with red, gray, and curly hair, Apple says, as well as new emoji for bald men and women. There are now five billion emoji sent through Facebook Messenger alone each day.

The best way to celebrate World Emoji Day 2018 would be to use Emojis in all our on-line and off-line communication today.

During the WWDC this year, Apple also announced that Animoji, which allow users to animate the facial expressions of emojis using facial recognition technology, is getting an update. There are some more obtuse new designs too, notably a nazar symbol (to guard against the evil eye) and an infinity symbol.

It's nearly that time of year again: new emojis are on the horizon for iPhone users.

Apple, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants celebrated World Emoji Day on Tuesday with declaring most used and favourite emojis, announcement of new ones, acknowledging how emojis make conversataions easy and expressive without words, among others.

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