Published: Mon, July 23, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Donald Trump to Iran President

Donald Trump to Iran President

Pompeo promised USA aid to Iranians who would rise up against their government officials, whom he said were "merely polished front men for the ayatollahs' worldwide con artistry".

Pompeo on Sunday launched a harsh attack on Iran's clerical and military rulers, calling them a kleptocracy akin to the Mafia. America wants nothing less than (to) destroy Iran ...

While Pompeo was speaking about the lack of free speech in Iran, he was interrupted by a heckler. The protester continued to shout, but she was drowned out by audience members shouting her down, and chants of "USA!"

"While it is ultimately up to the Iranian people to determine the direction of their country, the United States, in the spirit of our own freedoms, will support the long-ignored voice of the Iranian people", Pompeo said in the speech in Simi Valley, California.

The commander of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards has told Rouhani that he supports closing the strait if necessary, in response to the US oil sanctions, which are due to kick in at the start of November. He called the religious leaders of Iran "hypocritical holy men" who amassed vast sums of wealth while allowing their people to suffer, part of a highly critical broadside issued as the republic approached the 40th anniversary of its Islamic revolution and the US prepared to reimpose the economic sanctions.

Iran has denied the allegations and said its nuclear program is strictly for civilian purposes.

The United States has asked its allies, including India, to stop importing crude oil from Iran by November 4. The "undertaking a diplomatic and financial pressure campaign to cut off the funds that the regime uses to enrich itself and support death and destruction", Pompeo said.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had warned Trump on Sunday against inciting Tehran with hostile policies.

(July 22) Trump has suggested Iranian leaders are "going to call me and say "let's make a deal" but Iran has rejected talks.

Rouhani left open the possibility of peace between the two countries, at odds since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. "The US is not interested in regime change and it is not really interested in improving human rights for Iranians", he added. North's Foreign Ministry accused the United States of making "gangster-like" demands for its unilateral disarmament. "He is not in a position to act against Iran", Brigadier-General Qolam-Hossein Gheibparvar said on Monday.

Pompeo said anger against "widespread" corruption helped encourage the protests.

"The decision for regime change is one that should come from the people of Iran, and they will decide to do this, whether it comes sooner or later".

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