Published: Wed, July 25, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Trump recorded discussing paying for Playboy model's story of affair

Trump recorded discussing paying for Playboy model's story of affair

CNN obtained and released the audio recording Tuesday night.

"I need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend David", Cohen is heard saying on the tape-which CNN points out is likely a reference to American Media head David Pecker. Giuliani confirmed to ABC News Trump did have a discussion with Cohen before the election but he said that the payment that was being discussed was never made.

"Everybody heard just now Donald Trump say the word 'cash, '" Davis said. The controversy boils down to whether or not Trump said Cohen should make a payment in cash.

McDougal, the 1998 Playmate of the Year, alleged she had an extramarital affair with Trump in 2006, something which came to light in the midst of Trump's campaign. McDougal sold her story as an exclusive to the National Enquirer in August 2016 for $150,000, though the tabloid never published her story - effectively buying her silence about her alleged affair with Trump. McDougal finally sued to get out of the agreement so she could talk freely about the ordeal in April 2018.

Federal prosecutors in NY are investigating Cohen for possible bank and tax fraud, and for possible campaign law violations linked to a $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels and other matters related to Trump's campaign, a person familiar with the investigation has told Reuters.

"Cohen then interrupts", Giuliani said. Trump lashed out Wednesday morning over the release of the tape.

Michael Cohen is no longer seeking a pardon from President Donald Trump, Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis said Wednesday.

Reuters was unable to verify the entire exchange between the two men because of the poor sound quality of the recording.

Mr Davis said the tape is among audio recordings that were seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a raid of Mr Cohen's home and office in April. He told Fox News's Laura Ingraham that he's dealt with much worse tapes than this and that the audio does not prove what Davis thinks it proves.

Why did Lanny Davis release the tape?

"Well, besides the fact that it's a titillating fact and that we like to know about those kinds of things, that in reality if it's cash or if they set up a dummy organization - as was allegedly done in the Stormy Daniels case - it looks like they are trying to cover up something, hide something", Klieman said.

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