Published: Fri, July 27, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Roseanne Speaks About Her Sitcom's Cancellation

Roseanne Speaks About Her Sitcom's Cancellation

It all started on May 29 when Barr tweeted that Obama's former adviser Valerie Jarrett looks like "Muslim Brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby" stirring an uproar online and leading to the axing of her eponymous show. "I wish I worded it better".

"I have a different view of that", Barr replied.

"I didn't know she was African-American".

"The problem I have right now is Roseanne is every gross stereotype I'm trying to get people to go away from", she continued, not referring to Barr herself. I'm sorry for the misunderstand that caused, my ill-worded tweet. I'm sorry that anyone thought that was a racist tweet and not a political tweet, ' she said. I've apologized and explained and asked for forgiveness. "My 30 years of work can attest to that".

This is a complete departure from the story Barr told in 1991, in which she alleged in an interview with People that her father "molested me until I left home at age 17". I never meant that. "I never meant to hurt anybody".

Barr later apologized to Jarrett on Twitter and asked the network not to punish the entire show's crew for her tweet.

Barr said that while she could've legally fought the firing, she felt leaving the show was part of her "recompense", and that she signed off on her staff joining ABC's spin-off, "The Conners". She later added that the racism accusations particularly made her worry about some of her friends and relatives: "The thing that broke my heart the most - I have to say this - is that I have African-American children in my family and in my loved circle, and Asians too, and Hispanic people and ..." 'Let's really turn this into a teachable moment'. We need to talk about race and everything that's connected to it. "Her skin tone is like mine, and I'm brown", Barr said.

She also said she found cigarettes in her mother's basement while she was hiding out there after the public backlash. In a recent YouTube video, she screamed about Jarrett, "I thought the b***h was white!" "I enjoy it." Later, she said she no longer believes she was sexually abused by her father even though she has gone on the record with those claims in the past. "I was so sad, and I'm so sad that anyone thinks that of me".

Roseanne's response - "They hate jokes".

In related news, ABC announced that "The Connors", the spinoff sitcom starring the cast of "Roseanne" minus, you know, Roseanne, will debut on October 16.

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