Published: Fri, August 03, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Police issue advisories as Kiki dance challenge becomes a rage

Police issue advisories as Kiki dance challenge becomes a rage

In a tweet on Tuesday, the Gujarat police said, "Don't pass or accept Kiki Challenge". "Standing outside window or jumping out of a moving auto, train or vehicle to break into a dance may seem freakish". Kiki Challenge got viral last month after the release of "In my feelings" song from the album titled Scorpion came into sensation after the first viral video of the challenge.

The challenge, also known as "In My Feelings Challenge", involves jumping out of a moving auto and dancing alongside it to Canadian rapper Drake's latest song, "Kiki do you love me".

Lots of social media users have followed suit, sharing videos of themselves doing the dance, but with an added slowly-moving vehicle twist.

Posting a picture of a man dancing on the road along side an ambulance with its doors open, the Delhi Police tweeted, "Dancing on the roads can open new doors for you".

Doing the Kiki challenge could reportedly land you in jail; in Abu Dhabi, three social media celebrities were arrested after officials said their dancing "endangered lives, offended public morals and violated the traffic law". "It is not just your followers watching your groove; the traffic police are taking note too". After reporting many failure attempts and injury cases, Police have warned people to not to take this dance challenge and people caught doing challenge will face criminal charges.

A senior police officer said there are sections under the Delhi Police Act under which the people indulging in the act can be booked for creating nuisance on the roads or playing loud music. The challenge went more viral after Smith and Ciara posted their dance videos.

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