Published: Mon, August 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

In wake of critical book, Trump calls ex-staffer ‘a lowlife’

In wake of critical book, Trump calls ex-staffer ‘a lowlife’

"Who in their right mind thinks it's appropriate to secretly record the White House chief of staff in the Situation Room?" tweeted Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

President Donald Trump unleashed on Omarosa Manigault on Monday morning, soon after the former White House staffer appeared on the Today show to decry him as an unhinged racist unfit to serve as president.

Manigault Newman says the recording is one of a number she made in order to protect herself in a West Wing riven by infighting. She said Sunday that she personally listened to it after her book had gone to press.

Former White House staffer and TV celebrity Omarosa Manigault Newman has released a recording of a private conversation with President Donald Trump after she was sacked.

Gidley, when asked on "Fox and Friends" Monday whether the president was as unaware of Manigault Newman's firing as he appeared to sound on the tape, the deputy press secretary declined to comment on the "tick tock" of how she was dismissed.

Kelly is heard on the recording telling Manigault Newman that she is being fired over "integrity violations".

TRUMP: No... I, I - Nobody even told me about it.

Although Omarosa was hired in an entry-level position to work in former Vice President Al Gore's office, she was quickly shuffled out the door due to the poor quality of her work.

"While I know it's "not presidential" to take on a lowlife like Omarosa, and while I would rather not be doing so, this is a modern day form of communication and I know the Fake News Media will be working overtime to make even Wacky Omarosa look legitimate as possible". She also said that she was told repeatedly once she was in the Situation Room that she couldn't leave the room, speak to a lawyer, or speak to her husband who was waiting just outside the room.

He added Manigault may have breached security clearance protocol and broken the law by recording in the Situation Room. "No one. So I protected myself and I'm going to tell you, I'm so glad I did". People in the White House hated her.

NBC showed the agreement on air, which included a strict non-disparagement agreement that would have prevented Manigault Newman from demeaning or disparaging Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, the campaign, their families and businesses.

'Well we have Ja'Ron, whose done a fabulous job and he's been very involved with Jared Kushner and President Trump on prison reform, ' she said.

The casting of Manigault Newman as unstable raises the question of why the Trump administration hired someone like her in the first place.

The book is due to be released next week, but CNN obtained a copy on Friday.

"In fact, I had a blind spot where it came to Donald Trump", she said. They might, however, enjoin Manigault Newman from releasing any recordings made in secured areas. She describes the tape in her book but has said she does not have it herself.

Newman said she would love for the White House to release her personnel files.

"No. Nobody ever told me about it", Trump replies.

Omarosa met the president on The Apprentice and campaigned for Trump before joining the White House as an advisor.

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