Published: Tue, August 14, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Watch Nicki Minaj Add A Verse About Stephen Colbert To "Barbie Dreams"

Watch Nicki Minaj Add A Verse About Stephen Colbert To

The "Chun-Li" rapper stopped by The Late Show on Monday, August 13, to promote her new album, Queen, reports ABC News. Without mercy, she fired off shots at the men of hip-hop, simultaneously clowning and complimenting them throughout Queen highlight "Barbie Dreams". Minaj said that two of the rappers had talked to her, but she refused to say who.

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"But I noticed I am not on the list of men - it's a pretty comprehensive list!"

While drumming her hand on the table, Minaj raps, "I might f*** Stephen after the show. But...'" and before she could continue with her bars Stephen melted into red faced embarrassment, hiding his notecards in front of his face before collapsing onto his desk in hysterical laughter.

She was also asked about performing at the TIME 100 gala, where she dedicated "Anaconda" to Joe Biden and Donald Trump. She added, "But when you see us please motherf--s don't stare / Just address me as Queen Nicki Colbert". "Then she goes in the booth and lays that shit down, and that's what you got".

"Only one person so far got a little irritated, but then I explained to him how much I love him and he understands now", Minaj said. She continued: "He was texting was kind of a combination between cursing me out and laughing at it".

Nicki, 35, refused to elaborate on her comments, but she seems to have confirmed that Tracy blocked her from featuring her iconic track on her new album "Queen", which was released a week ahead of schedule. I just responded with the crying laughing face emoji, because it can make things not as bad.

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