Published: Wed, August 15, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Iran said to cancel visit by Iraq’s prime minister

Iran said to cancel visit by Iraq’s prime minister

On Tuesday, the USA had re-imposed the first round of economic sanctions on Iran, which mainly target the country's banking sector.

Woody Johnson said that America's "closest ally" should reverse its position.

"We are asking global Britain to use its considerable diplomatic power and influence and join us as we lead a concerted global effort towards a genuinely comprehensive agreement".

US President Trump's decision to reimpose sanctions against Iran has caused great turmoil, effectively giving countries trading with the Islamic Republic two options; either comply with the sanctions or cease doing business with the US.

Meanwhile, sanctions on Iran are related to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a nuclear deal signed between Tehran and World powers which the United States pulled out of in May.

In an article for The Sunday Telegraph Mr Johnson told British companies to stop doing business with Iran...

President Trump withdrew in May from the nuclear accord brokered by former President Obama with the EU, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russian Federation.

Tensions between Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have ratcheted up in recent months amid USA -imposed sanctions on Iran.

Iran had also warned previous year that it enjoyed the capability to restore its uranium enrichment operations and even develop its capacity to 100,000 SWUs (Separative Work Units) if the nuclear deal with the world powers failed as a result of the USA non-compliance with its undertakings.

"Until then, America is turning up the pressure and we want the United Kingdom by our side".

A week ago Britain signed on to a joint statement with other EU countries that pledged to press on with a strategy to lessen the impact of the US sanctions on European businesses.

An Iraqi official had said Saturday that Abadi would visit both neighboring Turkey and Iran to discuss economic issues.

He said this statement should be seen as a warning by the other side against discarding the nuclear deal, stressing that Iran can even show more extensive progress in other parts of its nuclear activities to go beyond the previous levels.

In his article Sunday, Johnson said, "Only by presenting a united front can we exert the maximum possible pressure on the Iranian regime and get them to finally change course and put an end to their malign and reckless activities both at home and overseas".

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