Published: Wed, August 15, 2018
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Omarosa Says Trump Is 'Obsessed' With Ivanka - Calls Relationship 'Sickening'

Omarosa Says Trump Is 'Obsessed' With Ivanka - Calls Relationship 'Sickening'

Manigault Newman's celebrity is a creation of Donald Trump, just as her unusual appointment to the highest level of White House staffer could have occurred only in a Trump White House.

Lewandowski said he has never heard Mr. Trump use a racist slur, a point that has been questioned after Omarosa, in promoting her new book, claimed the president used a racial slur during a taping of "The Apprentice". And, "since Trump had little chance of winning, it would be "no harm, no foul" for me to have worked with the campaign for however long it lasted", she wrote.

As her feud with Trump intensified, Manigault Newman's relationship with the black community became the topic of many conversations among African-Americans, especially on social media.

"I will not be intimidated", she told the AP.

President Donald Trump had a tough TV morning.

Manigault-Newman addressed the low blow.

The Washington Post says that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders "declined to vouch" for Trump, when asked directly if there was a tape recording of the United States president using racial slurs, saying: "I can't guarantee anything".

Katrina Pierson, a campaign adviser for President Donald Trump, confirmed on a newly released audio recording that the president used the n-word on old tapes of "The Apprentice", noting that he was embarrassed by his use of the word.

"With the iPhone, everybody has a tape recorder in their pocket at all time", said Lisa Banks, a partner at Katz, Marshall & Banks, which represents workers in areas such as sexual harassment, whistleblower cases and wrongful termination.

Trump, who has denied the existence of any such tape, assailed Manigault Newman in language that stood out even by his trash-talking standards, praising his chief of staff, John Kelly, "for quickly firing that dog!".

In tweets Monday, Trump attacked his former aide as "vicious, but not smart" and claimed that "people in the White House hated her".

She once told PBS" "Frontline, ' 'Every critic, every detractor will have to bow down under President Trump'. "We had our fun here", he said after the predictable, adorable debacle, "but in regards to this Omarosa business, let's not forget that anyone who calls a black woman a dog is a racist with a rotted-out soul".

While Kelly says her infractions would have gotten her court-martialed in the military, "if we make this a friendly departure ... you can look at your time here in the White House as a year of service to the nation and then you can go on without any type of difficulty in the future, relative to your reputation". "How dare he!" Democrat Frederica Wilson said yesterday during an interview on CNN. Some of the aides on the latest tape also denied the conversation.

During an appearance Tuesday morning on Fox News, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway did not directly answer a question about whether Trump's use of the term "dog" was appropriate.

Many condemned the president and his repeated attempts to compare minorities with animals, but there was little defense of Manigault Newman - unlike when Trump attacked National Basketball Association superstar LeBron James in recent weeks. "It was an incredible privilege that I had and one I would certainly do again should my president invite me to come back to D.C. however any suggestion that I have tape recordings are again factually not true".

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