Published: Thu, August 16, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

Heavy Sniper Confirmed for Fortnite Battle Royale

Heavy Sniper Confirmed for Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortunately, Epic Games chose to finally launch Fortnite on Android and the game is shipping as an exclusive Galaxy Note 9 title for a limited period of time. It has been exclusively available on iOS since it was launched as an invite-only beta last March 15, before it expanded to all App Store users. Once your place on the waiting list is confirmed, all you can do is wait until you get an invite to download the software.

Sensor Tower, an app store intelligence firm, reported that Fortnite has earned Apple more than $54 million.

Players have been battling it out against the fearsome Behemoth from Final Fantasy in Monster Hunter World, but there are a few players taking things to the extreme.

Those looking to find out how to download the game onto their phones, as well as more information regarding the Android version, will need to head over to Epic Games website.

Android users can adjust the settings so they can download apps and games from anywhere on the internet.

For those with supported Samsung Galaxy devices, you don't have to follow the link above, rather, simply grab the Fortnite Installer app right from the Galaxy Apps store. Well, that exclusive period is up and Fortnite is now available for more devices. Epic Games is doing something completely different with Fortnite for Android and has bypassed the Google Play store.

How to download Fortnite Android?

Epic adds that new formats have been fun, and provide a lot of lessons, with each format changing the emphasis on how players approach the match. Epic Games has yet to comment on this issue.

It may even surpass it, given the game's popularity continues growing and the standalone download allows it to reach players in countries where Google Play isn't available. But, There are some way where you need to invest your money. Fans have discovered from different sources this potential weapon coming to the game also found in the list of numerous items in the Android APK files. Due to sheer volume and variety of downloadable games on mobile platforms, cutting through the noise is nearly impossible.

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