Published: Sun, August 26, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Battle of the YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI ends in controversy

Battle of the YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI ends in controversy

However, after going the full distance of six rounds the bout ended in a majority draw: KSI given a 58-57 win by one judge; the other two scoring it as a 57-57 draw.

The much ballyhooed match between the YouTube stars ended with no victor, as the judges scored the six-round bout as a majority draw.

Logan Paul vs KSI in a grudge match, nothing screams broheim like a dust-up between two archetypal douchebags.

American former State wrestler turned Vine star, who then migrated to YouTube, Logan Paul, and his United Kingdom counterpart KSI who originally became famous for uploading videos of himself playing Federation Internationale de Football Association on YouTube, have millions upon millions of YouTube subscribers between them.

How can I get tickets to the KSI and Logan Paul rematch? I think we have to have a rematch.

However, some fans were left disappointed by the main event after both KSI - real name Olatunji Olajide - and Logan Paul failed to live up to their pre-match fighting talk.

The match, which pulled in roughly 800,000 pay-per-view buys according to early projections, was dubbed "The Biggest Event in Internet History".

"Let's do it. That was fun".

When Is The KSI vs. Logan Paul Fight? Shortly after the decision was announced, both Paul and KSI expressed interest in having a rematch.

KSI took on the victor, Weller, at the Copper Box Arena in London in February, and won. The illegal streaming, along with the disappointing result, made those who paid to watch the fight even more furious.

His American opponent, 23, who has more than 18 million subscribers and 3.9 billion video views, echoed KSI, adding: "I think it's what the people want".

This is far from the first time that boxing fans have speculated that a fight may have been rigged, the result of the subjective nature of fights that go to the judges' cards.

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