Published: Wed, September 05, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

Google Celebrates Chrome's 10th Birthday With A Multi-Platform Material Design Refresh

Google Celebrates Chrome's 10th Birthday With A Multi-Platform Material Design Refresh

To celebrate its 10th birthday, the popular web browser received a revamp in its design and even received some new, and rather nifty features. We first spotted evidence for this happening back in April.

Most notably, the app now has a flatter, rounder design more in line with Google's Material Design principles; these changes will be seen on both mobile and desktop. Google has also adjusted the color palette used. Website icons on tabs are easier to read on the desktop. The look of the browser has been radically changed, with a massive UX change on iOS where the toolbar has now been moved to the bottom so it's way easier to reach. This new password manager can "more accurately fill in your passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers, so that you can breeze through online checkout forms". Now, instead of having to manually find a tab yourself or head to Google's search engine to look something up, you can just use the Omnibox.

Staying secure on the web means using strong and unique passwords for every different site and Chrome will now generate one for you which is instantly saved within the browser. Tabs, for instance, now feature rounded corners so you can navigate them better. A smarter Omnibox displays results for the weather, public figures, translations, and answers to your questions.

Here's a treat for tab hoarders: If you search for a website that's already open in one of your dozens of tabs, Google Chrome will show a "switch to tab" option that lets you jump straight to that tab.

There's also an upcoming feature that we've seen in chrome://flags that will give you results of items in your Google Drive folders. You can download the latest version of Chrome for Android from Google Play Store. New CSS features to enhanced performance tracking ability have also been introduced for developers. The Chrome toolbar will now allow you to access this information easily which is otherwise stored in your Google account.

According to Adrienne Porter Felt, an engineering manager on the Chrome security team, the company is planning major changes to URLs.

Unfortunately, this goes against our preferred security, even though Google encrypts passwords, because storing them in the browser creates a treasure trove for malware to pilfer that sensitive data. There's a new birthday edition of the "Offline Dino Game" that'll be available through September.

Now You: Do you like Chrome's new design?

Moving forward, Chrome promises to integrate Augmented Reality into the web experience. When it comes to tabs, there are improved previews of tabs and also a quick way to toggle between incognito, current tabs and those synced to your desktop.

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