Published: Thu, September 06, 2018
Research | By Sheri Schwartz

Father of Parkland shooting victim approaches Kavanaugh at Supreme Court confirmation hearing

Father of Parkland shooting victim approaches Kavanaugh at Supreme Court confirmation hearing

But he declined to address whether Trump could be subpoenaed or could pardon himself.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, was able to deliver his opening remarks for only a few seconds before Democratic California Sen.

Trump, could face a subpoena in the case, and the top Democrat on the committee, Sen.

Lawyers who had argued cases in front of Kavanaugh recalled him as an active questioner from the bench, and a very well prepared jurist who would fit in on a Supreme Court whose justices are largely not shy in oral arguments with advocates.

"[Tuesday], for me, was proof that insane never takes a vacation up here", Kennedy said. Patrick Leahy of Vermont about pardons.

The session Wednesday morning has been repeatedly interrupted by protesters in a repeat of Tuesday's hearing. Inside, 70 protestors were arrested for disrupting the hearings as they stood and yelled their opposition to Kavanaugh's appointment.

Senator Feinstein asked Kavanaugh why he dissented with his colleagues on the D.C. federal appeals court over a ruling where they upheld a ban on semi-automatic rifles.

During the hearing, Democrats plan to grill Kavanaugh on his position on abortion, the Affordable Care Act and executive power.

"I think the first quality of a good judge in our constitutional system is independence", Kavanaugh added. Kavanaugh said he reversed the conviction of a man in a military commissions case who was convicted for an offense that wasn't an identified crime at the time it happened.

Schools: A parent's right to make decisions about their children's schooling can be traced back to two Supreme Court decisions in the 1920s. Democrats said they were just seeking respect and accused Republicans of trying to push Kavanaugh through without a proper review.

Kavanaugh is expected to get questions on this later in Wednesday's hearing, and he knew it. Kavanaugh had clerked for Kozinski in the early 1990s and considered the judge a friend and mentor. Just 38% of Americans say that Kavanaugh should be confirmed, while 39% oppose.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is President Trump's pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Still, many are fearful about his potential presence on the court, and so protestors donned clothes that looked like Margaret Atwood's characters from The Handmaid's Tale, a story about women living in a totalitarian society where they are afforded no freedom or agency.

On Tuesday, the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh began.

He told the panel - amid raucous protests inside the room - that civility is important.

In an August 31 letter, Bill Burck informed the Committee for the first time that almost 102,000 pages of documents from Judge Kavanaugh's work in the White House Counsel's Office are being withheld from the Committee and the public based on "constitutional privilege".

We were especially troubled to learn from Mr. Burck's letter that the bulk of the withheld documents concern Judge Kavanaugh's involvement in "the selection and nomination of judicial candidates" by the Bush administration. Democrats don't want the court to cement its 5-4 conservative majority, especially when this Supreme Court could play a big role in the Russian election interference investigation.

Trump jumped into the fray late in the day, saying on Twitter that Democrats were "looking to inflict pain and embarrassment" on Kavanaugh.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) called the hearing a "charade" and "a mockery of our norms".

The most likely outcome of this week's hearings is a vote along party lines to send Kavanaugh's nomination to the full Senate.

Republicans said at the end of August that they had received 415,000 pages of documents, of which it had deemed 147,000 to be "committee confidential", meaning they could be viewed by any senator but not publicly disclosed.

Kavanaugh sat, fingers intertwined, quietly staring ahead at the committee members as audience members screamed while being dragged out of the hearing room. He is up for re-election this fall in a state Trump won handily in 2016.

Liberals are concerned Kavanaugh could provide a decisive fifth vote on the nine-justice court to overturn the 1973 abortion ruling.

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