Published: Thu, September 06, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Trump blames Sessions as Republicans charged ahead of midterm elections

Trump blames Sessions as Republicans charged ahead of midterm elections

That statement from President Trump seemed to have been the final straw for Sessions, who issued a rare public statement, vowing that, while he is attorney general, the Department of Justice "will not be improperly influenced by political considerations".

Sen. Dick Durbin, the second ranking Democrat in the Senate, called Trump's actions, including firing former FBI Director James Comey and his tweets that criticized Sessions, "unprecedented in American history".

The justice department's comments indicate further scrutiny of the tech giant's control of the information ecosystem.

"The companies' platforms are now the single most important forum for speech in our society", said Abdo.

The continuing failure of Republicans to provide a check on this president makes the upcoming midterm elections all the more important.

Then-White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told Sessions in summer 2017 that Trump was attacking him to create a distraction - because Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner was about to testify on Capitol Hill about Russian Federation. It's the most outrageous and damning proof of Trump's utter contempt for the rule of law to come directly out of his mouth.

Contrary to Trump's claim that both indictments were the result of "long-running Obama-era investigations", the DOJ did not open its investigation into Hunter until March 2017, after Trump took office. American intelligence agencies have concluded that Moscow interfered to help Trump win. Trump said he thought it was "very unfair to the president" that Sessions "takes the job, gets into the job, recuses himself". Special council Robert Mueller was later on appointed for the investigation by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The Senate panel has been examining reported Russian efforts to influence US public opinion throughout Trump's presidency, after USA intelligence agencies concluded that entities backed by the Kremlin had sought to boost his chances of winning the White House in 2016.

The White House responded to Woodward's book later Tuesday.

The authors of the paper wrote that White House interventions based on the president's personal or corrupt interests are "always unconstitutional".

"Politics must play no role in the decisions of federal investigators or prosecutors regarding any investigations or criminal charges".

Contributing: Kevin Johnson in Washington, D.C. "If I went to my supervisor and said, 'you know, we shouldn't indict or investigate a member of the president's party because he's a member of the president's party, ' I probably would have been suspended, if not fired".

Some Republicans called Trump's words "appalling" and "not appropriate", The New York Times reports.

"He's not hiding how he views the law, law enforcement, of justice".

"The United States is not some banana republic with a two-tiered system of justice - one for the majority party and one for the minority party", he said in a statement.

"I just would love to have him do a great job", Bloomberg quoted Mr Trump as saying.

But after taking a look around - and possibly noting the swamp-like heat and humidity engulfing the capital - he strolled back inside the White House at 10:42.

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