Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
Research | By Sheri Schwartz

Kavanaugh Opponents Play Hardball With Sen. Collins

Kavanaugh Opponents Play Hardball With Sen. Collins

If the Koch brothers-affiliated Americans for Prosperity can spend "seven figures" to let senators know that they should support Kavanaugh if they want their support, or the Judicial Crisis Network, which is funded by unnamed donors, can budget $10 million for TV ads that warn of political consequences for a "no" vote, what's wrong with named individuals making fully disclosed campaign contributions that deliver the opposite message? "In that split second, I unfortunately did not realize that the man was the father of a shooting victim from Parkland, Florida", he wrote. That can't happen. The organizers of the Kavanaugh opposition should denounce those tactics and make sure that the people they work with understand that threatening violence is a crime. If I'd known who he was, I would have shaken his hand, talked to him and expressed my sympathy.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) took to Twitter to call on Democrats to condemn "attempts to bribe" Sen.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley may hold a committee vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination as early as Thursday, and it looks as though the full Senate will vote on his nomination this month. Wednesday's disclosure brings the total to 75.

Under questioning last week, Kavanaugh clarified that while he may have attended meetings and hearing prep sessions, he wasn't the primary White House official assigned to Pryor. She already backed Kavanaugh once, when he was nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals by George W. Bush in 2006, and she has been sending strong signals that she will back him again this time around. Kavanaugh had indicated he was not substantially involved in the nomination.

"Senator Booker, in an absurd invocation of 'Spartacus, ' explicitly invited his expulsion from the Senate in his egregious violation of the rules and contempt for the rule of law and the Constitution", said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

Sen. Booker made headlines last week when he claimed he was "breaking Senate rules" by leaking Judge Kavanaugh's confidential emails surrounding 9/11 and other issues; daring GOP leadership to "bring the charges".

Blumenthal argued that there's an "even more urgent and pressing duty to get those documents and having witnesses to enable us to evaluate serious concerns raised as a result of evasive and seemingly misleading answers given to us at the hearing". It also excluded any documents Democrats wanted to see from Kavanaugh's time as Bush's staff secretary. They remain willing to review documents and consent to senators' requests for disclosure, "when appropriate", the letter said.

Mr. Booker remained defiant Wednesday, vowing to release still more confidential documents.

The groups states on the fundraising page that Kavanaugh is committed to "ending health care for people with pre-existing conditions".

"If confirmed, I would respect the law of precedent given its centrality to stability, predictability, impartiality and public confidence in the rule of law", Kavanaugh said.

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