Published: Wed, September 26, 2018
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Second Kavanaugh accuser says she would testify at Senate hearing

Second Kavanaugh accuser says she would testify at Senate hearing

Ford and Kavanaugh are due to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Trump fired at Kavanaugh's accusers at the United Nations on Tuesday, saying Ramirez "has nothing" and was "totally inebriated and all messed up" at a Yale party decades ago where she claims Kavanaugh exposed himself. He said the Senate must confirm Kavanaugh to protect the integrity of judicial nominations.

Those elections could shift the balance of power in Congress as Democrats seek to regain control from conservatives. "Republicans need to get this right". "I would be very concerned about doing that, but it wouldn't surprise me if she would agree to do that", Clune said. "I don't think anything's tipped".

Late Night's Seth Meyers focused on the irrelevance of Kavanaugh's assertion: "First thing: It does not matter if you were a virgin". GOP senators will be able to ask questions if they wish.

"There's no reason to delay this more, unless something new comes out of the hearing on Thursday", said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn. He asked for the prosecutor's identity and requested a meeting with the prosecutor on Tuesday.

What is certainly known is that while he was in college, Kavanaugh was a member of the DKE fraternity, which was infamous for its disrespect of women and its sanctions from campus administrators over its members' chant of "No means yes, yes means anal".

Earlier, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska told the New York Times: "We are now in a place where it's not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified". In her disclosure, Ramirez admitted that she had initially been unsure if the man in her memory of the event was Kavanaugh - something critics of the story have pounced on in recent days. And it might have been him. "Friday would be possible, but I'm gonna let him make those announcements".

Meanwhile, McConnell continued to blame Democrats Tuesday morning for how they've handled the confirmation process and defended Kavanaugh against the allegations.

McConnell on Tuesday continued to defend Kavanaugh. He said he had a positive individual meeting with Kavanaugh before the confirmation hearings.

Another friend, Keith Koegler, says Ford told her in early summer 2016 of having experienced a sexual assault when she was much younger. Now Republicans don't even need to hear her before they move ahead with a vote.

Schumer called on McConnell to apologize to Ford for calling her allegations a "smear" on Monday.

On Thursday, Judge Kavanaugh and another accuser from his high school years testify before a US Senate panel.

Ford, a university professor in California, has accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in 1982 when they were high school students in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. Another woman, Deborah Ramirez, has accused him of sexual misconduct when she and Kavanaugh were students at Yale University.

Fox News Radio's Guy Benson gives his analysis of Judge Kavanaugh's interview on The Story.

During the Fox interview, Kavanaugh said that while there were high school parties with beer and he wasn't ideal, "I'm a good person".

He said: "We're going to be moving forward". "She doesn't know if it was him but it might have him".

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