Published: Thu, September 27, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Trump becomes a punchline at the United Nations

Trump becomes a punchline at the United Nations

"I am sure he is an absolutely lovely man", referring to the his Iranian counterpart, who is also set to speak at the UN General Assembly. Key European Union players, including Britain, are now putting at risk the credibility of the transatlantic alliance. Iran's economy has been pinched by United States sanctions that he vows will only get tougher. This so-called special goal vehicle is supposed to ease payments linked to Iranian exports and imports, providing...

Later, as he exited the United Nations, the president told reporters that he thought the address went "really well" and he didn't mind leaders laughing at him.

"I didn't expect that reaction, but that's OK", he said.

Iran curbed its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief in the 2015 nuclear accord.

Without naming countries, the USA president noted that "some nations are already violating UN sanctions" including illegal ship-to-ship transfers of oil and said compliance was "very important".

However, Douglas Paal, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said that Trump's speech "is a campaign statement for the mid-terms, making incredible claims for success".

United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused Iran of spreading chaos and China of meddling in USA elections at a UN Security Council meeting that laid bare divisions between the United States and other world powers.

As titters erupted in the audience, Trump paused and remarked, with a smile, "So true".

But the other countries that signed it - who think the pact offers the best chance of stopping Iran developing a nuclear bomb - agreed on Monday to keep working to maintain trade with Tehran. The move has exposed divisions between the United States and its European allies.

President Donald Trump at the United Nations Security Council in New York City, New York on September 26, 2018. On Tuesday, Trump praised Kim for halting nuclear and missile tests, releasing Americans held prisoner and returning some remains of US soldiers killed in the 1950s Korean War.

He complained that the United States "has spared no effort" to exert pressure on Iran's oil sales and banking relationships, and there is not much left for the Trump administration to do.

"Behind our backs, they laugh at us because of our own stupidity", he said in an appearance on Larry King Live three decades ago, according to NPR. People had a good time with me, we were doing it together.

Pompeo's remarks came one day after Trump touted his relationship with North Korea, telling the United Nations General Assembly it has helped ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

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