Published: Fri, September 28, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Kavanaugh protest deeply personal for Ford supporters

Kavanaugh protest deeply personal for Ford supporters

Lindsey Graham on Thursday, while the South Carolina Republican was speaking to reporters outside a Senate hearing where Christine Blasey Ford was testifying over sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee scheduled its vote on Kavanaugh's nomination for Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. - less than 24 hours after Ford and Kavanaugh's testimony would conclude.

She alleged that Kavanaugh and others while in high school spiked the drinks of girls at parties with intoxicants to make it easier for them to be gang raped. In Kavanaugh's testimony, he also said he was "100%" sure he did not sexual assault anyone. "I spoke to somebody 38 years ago, and it may not be good", he said, adding: "The people that have complained to me about it the most about what's happening is women".

"When Donald Trump wins, there are no rules [for the Democrats]", he said.

Mr Kavanaugh's testimony will nearly certainly deepen the partisan divides already tearing the nation apart.

"If you stand with survivors, the path forward is clear: Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached ― not promoted", said Heidi Hess, co-director of the group Credo Action, according to HuffPost.

Ms Mitchell goal - pursued in a methodical prosecutorial fashion - was to pull at a number of threads in Dr Ford's story.

"While he said that he thinks Ford is a "nice lady", and that he thinks something"\ happened to her, he said that there was no evidence presented to further corroborate her claims during the testimony. "And certainly never had one who could explain the science behind memory to explain how she remembers the details!"

She describes being at a small gathering of high school students in Maryland in 1982 when she was allegedly forced into an upstairs bedroom by two boys she identified as Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.

Mr Judge has said he does not remember the alleged incident and has declined to appear before the panel.

After seeing Ford's powerful testimony, White House aides and allies expressed concern that Kavanaugh, whose nomination already seemed to be teetering, would have an uphill climb to deliver a strong enough showing to match hers. His accuser described him "grinding into me", covering her mouth when she tried to scream and fearing that he "was accidentally going to kill me".

A classmate of Kavauaugh from Yale University, Deborah Ramirez of Boulder, alleges that the future Judge exposed himself to her. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., that her certainty was "100 percent". The GOP special counsel Rachel Mitchell, a Phoenix sex crimes prosecutor, who Republicans had hired to avoid the optics of their all-male line up questioning Ford, left Republicans disappointed. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the committee chairman, thanked her "for your bravery coming out".

They anxious that Ford came off as compelling and credible, and began talking as if Kavanaugh's nomination would fail. She is now one of three women to have publicly accused the Judge of sexual assault or misconduct.

The shift in confidence among White House staff and Kavanaugh allies seemed to spring nearly entirely from the tone the judge set in the early moments of his opening statement, rather than the substance of his answers - which included explaining what he said was a crude term for flatulence and a drinking game known as Devil's Triangle.

Republicans acknowledged that much was riding on Mr Kavanaugh's performance.

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