Published: Wed, October 03, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Boris Johnson continues renegade campaign to undermine Theresa May’s Brexit plan

Boris Johnson continues renegade campaign to undermine Theresa May’s Brexit plan

Earlier party chairman Brandon Lewis brushed off claims Mr Johnson's alternative agenda sought to undermine Theresa May.

May's cabinet because of her Brexit strategy, said in an interview after Mr. Johnson's speech.

The reports quoted party sources as saying they feared having Mr Johnson in Downing Street would damage the party's recent revival in Scotland.

The conference has been overshadowed by tensions over Brexit, with the prime minister sticking by her Chequers plan, which would see the United Kingdom retain close links to the European Union in trade in goods, but not services, despite criticism from all sides.

Mr. Johnson's allies have been quick to argue that he isn't trying to push out Ms. I don't think people find that his behaviour is one that would endear him to voters.

"We can have a transformational leader".

"We can not, must not and will not let this weaselly cabal of superannuated Marxists and Hugo Chavez-admiring, anti-semitism-condoning Kremlin apologists anywhere near the government of this country".

Mrs May is set to make a bid to rally the party behind her in what is seen as possibly the most important speech of her political career, in which she will say that Britain's post-Brexit future is "full of promise".

He also confirmed he had offered to give evidence for former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale in a legal action brought by pro-independence blogger Stuart Campbell of the Wings Over Scotland site.

"He is absolutely right about the threat that Chequers poses to our democracy, our country and ultimately the fortunes of the Conservative Party if we stick with it", Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative lawmaker, said.

Mr Mundell said he had provided a witness statement to aide Ms Dugdale's defence in the case, and was prepared to appear in court if necessary.

"Surely to goodness we can take this Tony Benn tribute act and wallop it for six", he said, referring to the late Labour socialist cabinet minister.

Some 1,500 people crowded into a hall at the Conservative conference fringe to hear the former foreign secretary denounce Mrs May's Chequers plan as "an outrage".

"If we cheat the electorate - and Chequers is a cheat - we will escalate the sense of mistrust".

Mr Johnson said the PM's Brexit blueprint - which ties Britain to a common rulebook with the European Union for trade in goods - would be "politically humiliating for a £2 trillion economy", would lock Britain in the "tractor beam of Brussels" on regulation and would prevent it from making its own laws.

May says the so-called "Chequers" plan will keep trading lines open with its biggest trading partner.

She will use her speech to try to strike an optimistic note, and is expected to say: "I passionately believe that our best days lie ahead of us and that our future is full of promise".

Ranting before MEPs on Tuesday, arch-liberal and federalist Guy Verhofstadt also personally attacked senior members of the Tory Party and rejected proposals from leadership favourite Boris Johnson to extend the Article 50 process.

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