Published: Tue, October 09, 2018
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Trump Says He Has 'Very Good Relationship' with Rosenstein

Trump Says He Has 'Very Good Relationship' with Rosenstein

A report past year by former U.S. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys to assess how Chicago was compiling with the agreement on stop-and-frisk noted a dramatic decrease in the number of stops since the ACLU lawsuit, but found that officers were still targeting racial minorities. Stop and frisk is a method in which police stop, question and frisk any individual they believe may have committed a crime or who is engaging in suspicious behavior.

Trump said, "we had a very good talk", without elaborating.

"My administration will always honor, cherish, and support the men and women in blue, and we are proud to do it", Trump told the crowd at the Orange County Convention Center during General Assembly and Uniform Day. The deputy attorney general appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to his special counsel post and closely oversees his work. Researchers found nearly no correlation between the drop in crime and use of stop-and-frisk.

"It's got to be properly applied, but stop and frisk works".

Trump said crime in Chicago is "a awful blight on that city" and promised his administration will do everything possible to clean it up. The practice has been discontinued in many cities.

"For too many years, we have watched politicians escalate political attacks on our courageous police officers". The NYCLU said almost nine out of 10 New Yorkers who were stopped and frisked were deemed to be innocent.

Police seized contraband from at least 30 per cent of people stopped by New York City police before Scheindlin issued her ruling.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said police can only do so much.

"It works, and it was meant for problems like Chicago", he said Monday. "It's progress", Chicago Police Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio said last week.

Trump's remarks came three days after a white Chicago police officer was found guilty of murder in the 2014 shooting of a black teenager, a case that laid bare tensions between the city's black community and police department.

Chicago police said last week that there have been 102 fewer homicides and almost 500 fewer shooting victims in the city this year, compared to the first nine months of 2017. There were 551 in 2017 and 558 in 2016.

Trump also heralded recent declines in unemployment as a positive step toward lower crime rates.

So far this year (through October 8), 2,346 people have been shot, according to statistics gathered by the Chicago Tribune. The number of shooting victims peaked in 2016 when 3,348 people were shot in the city.

The president highlighted the efforts of the federal government to help local law enforcement officers stem the tide of lethal drugs that make their way across the US borders.

Rosenstein was flying with Trump on Air Force One to Orlando, Florida, where Trump was set to speak to police chiefs.

He said reducing crime starts with respecting law enforcement. "He supports us financially as well as whenever there's a tragedy - he's there for us".

Washington was briefly abuzz on September 24 when Rosenstein headed to the White House to meet with chief of staff John Kelly, but reports that the retired Marine Corps general was handing him a pink slip turned out to be inaccurate.

"He's a great person and it's very, very unfair what happened to him", the president said.

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