Published: Fri, October 12, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

'A Star Is Born' a must see for GaGa fans

'A Star Is Born' a must see for GaGa fans

Buy how specifically did Shangela help to make "A Star Is Born" genuine? On deeper inspection, it is a story about the power of voice and the choices we make with our voice.

Nobody could ever credit Lady Gaga with being a wallflower. Durham was battling stage four breast, brain and lung cancer and at the time Gaga didn't tell anyone on set that her friend was going through this. She does do performances in the bar, karaoke style. Her character is confident in the destructive message that stardom will elude her because of a large nose. And while this sort of magic is more or less expected from Gaga, to have Cooper up there, successfully trading musical punches with one of the best singers on the planet is some sort of musical miracle.

Cooper plays the role of Jackson (Jack) Maine, the leader of a very successful popular country music band. Ally is attractive, but not by normal Hollywood standards, and she's resigned to the fact that she'll never be a star outside of her small world.

On the surface, Ally's June Carter Cash devotion to her man is whimsical and cherished. We had a fabulous dinner and then went to see it at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which happened to be doing student discounts when we arrived - our tickets were only $6. The adaptation of Bradley Cooper has already been praised by the most important critics on the planet, and the entries continue to increase day by day. But Cooper has a technical vision for the film that conceals such issues.

Cooper is a loving guy. He admits that it was the "most fulfilling" experience. The energizing, tender chemistry among the cast overshadows Cooper's tractable portrayal of alcoholism which abstains from the brutality, exploitation and victimization that are hallmarks of the addiction.

Charlie is in a handful of emotional scenes through out the movie, and Cooper told People earlier this month that in the movie Jack and Ally don't have children, but Charlie is "part of their story", in a way a that a child would be.

The magnetism pulsing between Ally and Jackson is undeniable.

Less of a technical spectacle than "La La Land", the film is a labor of love between Gaga and Cooper.

"It is nondescript in the actual film", explained the glorious Shangela.

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, visit, or text "START" to 741-741 to immediately speak to a trained counselor at Crisis Text Line. He is completely overwhelmed when he hears Ally perform. The song portrayed in the trailer in particular, "Shallow", sung by Gaga and Cooper, is making moves for the best original song. There is no modesty as GaGa's melodies erupt along your spine. What the woman who achieved immortality by bungee jumping into the Super Bowl understands is that her fans (represented here by the drag performers she started out with) want to see the "real person" beneath the meat dress. We should all be so bold. "A Star Is Born" is an overdue resurgence in Mother Monster's career and the movie-musical we will be talking about until a sixth remake comes along.

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