Published: Fri, October 19, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Police chief Abdul Raziq shot dead by own guard in Afghanistan

Police chief Abdul Raziq shot dead by own guard in Afghanistan

A powerful Afghan police chief was among at least three people killed in a Taliban-credited attack that targeted top USA commander General Scott Miller and injured American troops.

Afghan TV reported that members of the Kandahar province governor's elite guards began firing on Americans and Afghan officials during the meeting, which included Gen. Scott Miller, the head of USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces in Afghanistan.

The top commander for United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces, General Scott Miller, was also present but escaped injury.

Knut could not comment on reports that Kandahar police chief Gen. Abdul Raziq was killed in the attack.

The Taliban claimed responsibility, saying an "infiltrator" carried out the attack that was aimed at both Raziq and the American general.

Officials said one of the governor's bodyguards opened fire on Razeq as he came out of the meeting with Miller and other officials, severely wounding him and several other senior officials including the governor.

In January previous year, the visiting ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, five other UAE diplomats and some local officials were killed by explosives hidden in a government building in Kandahar.

Dastageri said provincial intelligence chief Abdul Mohmin also died inside the governor's sprawling residence where the attack occurred.

The security meeting took place inside the sprawling provincial governor's residence. "Three American's were wounded, have been medically evacuated and are stable". The Taliban has warned voters not to take part in what they say is a ballot imposed by foreigners. He added that Raziq's assassination and recent attacks on Afghan parliamentary candidates "stand in stark contrast to the aspirations of the Afghan people for peace, security, and economic stability".

Local officials said Miller appeared to have been saved by his body armour but there was no immediate confirmation from the Nato Headquarters.

"Wish to see Afghan and other security forces succeeding to bring an end to this prolonged violence in Afghanistan", the COAS was quoted as saying by Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, Director General of the ISPR. A Taliban spokesman said Miller was the intended target.

Mr. Mattis, who had known General Abdul Razeq, the police commander in southern Kandahar, on Friday described his death as "the loss of a patriot".

Initial reports say the attacker was killed.

Already, at least 10 candidates have been killed ahead of the election and while the Afghan government has promised to deploy 54,000 soldiers to protect the polls the Taliban has vowed to disrupt the election.

With allegations of electoral fraud and threats of violence swirling over elections, it was a three-month audit process that was supported by the U.S. government that led to Ghanii being pronounced the Afghan president.

US forces confirmed the attack, casting it as "Afghan on Afghan" violence.

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