Published: Tue, October 23, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Chaos Greets LeBron's Home Debut as a Laker

Chaos Greets LeBron's Home Debut as a Laker

Saturday night was a huge one for Los Angeles sports: Not only were the Dodgers playing for a trip to the World Series, LeBron James played his first home game as a Los Angeles Laker. He acted quickly, handing down a four-game suspension for Ingram ($158,817 fine based on salary), three-game suspension for Rondo ($186,207) and two-game suspension for Paul ($491,781).

James and the Lakers will also be without Rondo for three games, with the veteran punished for his role in instigating the scuffle and for spitting and punching Paul several times.

Rondo and Paul exchanged a few punches before fellow Lakers player Brandon Ingram jumped in to dish out his own bit of revenge on the Rockets team. Paul, Rondo, and Ingram were all drug away from the fight by players, coaches, and security. They double as two of the team's best playmakers, capable of creating shots for themselves and others and replacing them for Monday night's game against the San Antonio Spurs would be no easy task. I understand maybe he gets one, but what is he supposed to do? "Rondo has been suspended for instigating a physical altercation with, and spitting and throwing multiple punches at, Paul".

Ingram is likely facing the most serious amount of suspension time, but this latest evidence could put Rondo's status in question as well.

VanDeWeghe's explanations don't satisfy me, and they certainly wouldn't if I were a Rockets fan.

Paul and Rondo have been adversaries before, going back to 2009 when Paul played for New Orleans and Rondo was with Boston.

"In the heat of the moment, when somebody does that, that's tough". "That's blatant disrespect. That's unacceptable". Rondo pointed to the fact that he was wearing a mouthguard, which would impact his ability to intentionally spit on someone. I understand that. We'll go on.

The game was the home debut of three-time National Basketball Association champion James and ended with a 124-115 defeat for the Lakers.

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