Published: Tue, October 23, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Hundreds of thousands take to streets in London demanding second Brexit vote

Hundreds of thousands take to streets in London demanding second Brexit vote

With a bill enacted late a year ago, Parliament gave itself the right to hold a final vote on any Brexit deal before May can complete it.

Opponents of a public vote on the final Brexit deal say the proposal is undemocratic because the British people have already had their say. There's nothing more democratic - nothing more British - than trusting the people to have the final say on our future. She came to London because Brexit would put up big hurdles to her ability to go back home with her new German husband. They are anxious about the impact on jobs, on public services like our NHS, on communities right across the country.

Organisers, who originally expected around 100,000 expected to attend, said 670,000 demonstrators marched from Park Lane to a rally in Parliament Square. "Voters will neither forgive nor forget if (lawmakers) allow this miserable Brexit to proceed without people being given the final say". People think that the Brexit negotiations are a total mess.

Harpenden for Europe organiser Philip Gaskell said: "Residents tell us they think Brexit is an utter disaster: they are angry at the way they are being let down by politicians and they are terrified of the consequences that a no-deal Brexit would bring for the economy and their children. - They were promises that could never be delivered and people are pretty angry about that".

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, front center, holds a klaxon horn, as he joins protesters in the People's Vote March for the Future, in London, Saturday Oct. 20, 2018. Harvie told delegates they would have the chance to join the campaign for a People's Vote in a motion to be debated at the conference.

"We believe Brexit can be stopped", Vince Cable, leader of the Liberal Democrat party, said in a speech during the march, which included a rally across the street from the Houses of Parliament.

She studies Spanish and is due to study overseas next year, but said "no-one knows what will happen with Erasmus funding". "Despite the fact that I support Scottish independence, we want to see all nations of the United Kingdom remain in the United Kingdom", said Cherry.

Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson told the huge crowd in Parliament Square that whatever Brexit deal Prime Minister Theresa May manages to negotiate with the European Union, it would harm the British economy with the North-East predicted to suffer the most.

The vast majority of British firms are poised to implement their Brexit contingency plans by Christmas if there isn't greater clarity over the country's exit from the European Union, a leading business lobby group has warned.

To succeed, a second referendum would need the support of at least 15 Tory MPs, though this number would need to rise if more than a handful of Labour MPs voted against it. Stand up for your values and march with us for a People's Vote tomorrow.

"So, don't, any of you, underestimate just how well funded and well organised the Remain campaign really, really are".

Today thousands will gather for #PeoplesVoteMarch. "To ask the question all over again would be a gross betrayal of our democracy - and a betrayal of that trust", she wrote in The Telegraph last month.

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