Published: Fri, October 26, 2018
Sport | By Ruben Hill

Raiders Are Reportedly Unhappy with Jon Gruden Trading Cooper

Raiders Are Reportedly Unhappy with Jon Gruden Trading Cooper

To their credit, members of the media have been relentless in seeking an answer from Jon Gruden on Carr and Gruden's responses have mostly been the same. "I think it will help him the more he's in the system, the more he's here and is able to stay around and stay with one system".

Coming on the heels of Gruden's blockbuster trade of star pass-rusher Khalil Mack to the Bears for a pair of first-round picks, the Cooper trade sent the message to the team that the Raiders are already looking ahead to next year and beyond. You don't know who's going to call you and what they're going to say, you really don't.

"You have to wonder if we haven't been playing for draft picks all along", the player said.

"The Mack trade was a real stiff jab", an anonymous player told The Athletic. "Despite everything the coaches told us at training camp". But practically any veteran player could be on the move before next Tuesday's trade deadline, up to and including quarterback Derek Carr. So any assertion Gruden makes about trades has to be taken with a grain of salt, but he made one to reporters on Wednesday anyway. Otherwise, the Raiders likely will consider trading him ahead of the October 30 deadline or cutting him during the 2019 waiver period. "It's hard to see how Carr can lead this team again". And nobody is happy that we traded Amari. Smith said that approach could be a "learning opportunity" for the team.

"To ever insinuate there's an issue inside this locker room with our leader and our captain is the biggest joke I've ever seen, and I've been around this league my whole life", Smith said. They are now loaded with five first-round draft picks over the next two years - but it's cost them this season.

Gruden said publicly that he was not entertaining trade offers for Cooper, and he was apparently telling the team the same in private. "If guys have a problem with this trade, they can go sit in his office and tell him".

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