Published: Sat, October 27, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Girls planned to attack and kill at least 15 students — Bartow PD

Girls planned to attack and kill at least 15 students — Bartow PD

Reportedly, the school's vice principal found the girls in the bathroom before anyone was harmed after one of the girls was reported missing from her classroom.

"There was essentially no reaction from either of these two girls".

Yesterday at approximately 1:30pm, the Bartow Police School Resource Officer assigned to Bartow Middle School was summoned to the Principal's office in reference to an armed juvenile complaint.

They also said they had planned on targeting smaller students who they could easily overpower, Mr Hall said.

Police say they believe the students' parents, who have not spoken publicly about the allegations, were unaware of their plan.

When asked why she had a weapon, the student told staff she and the other girl were plotting to attack and kill as many as they could, police said.

That plan was triggered as administrators searched for the students after they didn't show up for class Tuesday.

Police have released disturbing images of the weapons two schoolgirl satanists planned to use to murder 15 younger children.

Investigators say the girls planned to stake out a bathroom and wait for smaller students to enter. "She's not evil. She's not any of the things they say she is", the girl's mother told FOX 13 News.

Officials with Polk County Schools said extra police officers and guidance counsellors would be at the school this week.

Authorities at Bartow Middle School in Bartow, Florida, said two girls - ages 11 and 12 - were about to carry out the deadly ritual on Tuesday afternoon.

Ordered to empty their pockets, the 11-year-old pulled out a knife and a knife sharpener, the affidavit said, while the 12-year-old produced three knives and a pizza cutter.

"I kind of feel like maybe it might be a good idea just for some of these schools to maybe even put in metal detectors", another parent, Kim Hancock, said.

The freaky plot was apparently created to ensure they would become "worse sinners", allowing them to spend eternity in hell with Satan.

A search performed on the girls' mobile phones revealed that the two planned to "leave body parts at the entrance" of the school, and commit suicide after the attack was finished.

"Today is health lesson thank Satan we are doing this in bit", a note read.

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