Published: Mon, October 29, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Turkey's Erdogan urges Saudis to say who ordered Khashoggi's killing

Turkey's Erdogan urges Saudis to say who ordered Khashoggi's killing

While Cengiz says she may still consider an invitation, she declined so far because of Trump's tone, saying she doubted his sincerity and viewed his invitation more as a way to win favor with the USA public.

Khashoggi's Turkish fiancee, Hatice Cengiz, said she did not accept an invitation from U.S. President Donald Trump, the kingdom's staunchest Western champion, to visit the White House after Khashoggi's murder because she thought it was aimed at influencing public opinion in his own favor.

"I could not save Jamal", he said, adding that the murder was a "barbaric act... unthinkable in the 21st century". She said everyone involved, "from the highest to the lowest level", should be punished.

"We do. Tomorrow is another day", he said.

Her comments came as Turkish prosecutors formally requested the extradition from Saudi Arabia of 18 suspects, according to state media. Turkish sources say authorities have an audio recording purportedly documenting the murder.

On Friday, Turkey's justice ministry said Turkish prosecutors have prepared a requisition for 18 suspects on charges of planned and deliberate murder of the Saudi journalist.

"On the issue of extradition, the individuals are Saudi nationals".

US and foreign officials say such an operation - involving a team of Saudi agents - was unlikely to have taken place without the knowledge of the kingdom's leaders, including ambitious Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

"Yes Trump invited me to the United States during the first days of the investigation" she said. Mattis and others, meanwhile, have said the providing key support to the Saudi-led coalition, and that the assistance is helping the kingdom improve its targeting.

An activist, wearing a mask depicting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, holds up his hands, painted with fake blood as he protests the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, during a candlelight vigil outside Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul, Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018.

"His local network in Turkey was very good as you know, his political network as well".

Cengiz also received a phone call from U.S. Secretary of State Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and recalled asking whether he had any news that would make her happy.

The global response on how best deal with Saudi Arabia as details of the murder become clearer has been mixed.

For Erdogan, who has ruled Turkey since 2003, the crime has provided grounds for pushing back against Saudi Arabia, one of its regional rivals, and weakening the credibility of the crown prince.

Investigators believe his body was sliced up and the head, torso and legs thrown into the well after Saudi Arabian intelligence officers, who are thought to be behind the killing, panicked and quickly disposed of his remains in suitcases that were thrown into the well.

Erdogan also said Saudi's public prosecutor was due to meet the Istanbul prosecutor in Istanbul on Sunday.

US Defence Secretary James Mattis on Saturday condemned the killing of Khashoggi as "intolerable" and called it a national security concern for nations in the Middle East.

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