Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Adds Incineroar As Latest Pokemon Fighter

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Adds Incineroar As Latest Pokemon Fighter

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will come to the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018. Ultimate's final line-up and the Classic Mini N64 proving to be wrong.

This will bring the total character count of fighters to 74, not including echo fighters, like the recently announced Ken, in which more may be revealed.

Nintendo posted the following details about the characters to Twitter during the announcement livestream.

Ken from Street Fighter is an echo fighter of Ryu, while Incineroar from Pokémon Sun/Moon is a brand-new character with a lot of wrestling moves.

We'd heard rumors of the so-far unannounced fighters after a convincing Smash Bros leak, which seemed to show a full roster also including Shadow the Hedgehog and a host of other lesser-known Nintendo characters - but they were nowhere to be seen.

At least five fighters will be added to the game, with each one available together with a new stage and new music for £5.39.

Nintendo also promised future expansions of more characters through downloadable fighter passes.

You'll get a free DLC taster in the form of Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros., but only if you buy the game before January 31. Game director Masahiro Sakurai said he wants to keep the new adventure mode secret until the game launches. This time, you can knock assist trophies off the map, giving you a chance to avoid getting hit by their attacks. Brawl's stickers, taken to a new level.

It all seems extremely complicated, although as ever Smash Bros. offers every conceivable option to turn off features you're not interested in. Ultimate during a Nintendo Direct stream on Thursday morning.

The Mii Fighter gets some brand new outfits to use, too, with a Splatoon set, an Arms set, a Chibi Robo costume, a Toy-Con set, and a Ray MkIII one all shown.

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