Published: Fri, November 02, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Rep. John Lewis gets "Happy" at an event for Stacey Abrams

Rep. John Lewis gets

If Fox News co-host Dagen McDowell is correct, Oprah Winfrey's decision to stump for Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams just handed her the seat.

"Oprah's liked me very much, I've always liked her", Trump said, noting that he was a guest on her show during it's last week on television.

The actress is set to hit the campaign trail for Abrams this week and gave a heartfelt speech at Thursday's event.

"I'm here today because of the men and because of the women who were lynched, who were humiliated, who were discriminated against, who were suppressed, who were repressed and oppressed, for the right for the equality at the polls", Winfrey said.

Winfrey told the crowd that anyone that chose not to vote is ignoring the challenges others had to face.

"It has been a really interesting experience because when you knock on a door, you don't know what people are going to do or say or how they're going to react", Ms Winfrey said in one of the videos. "You are disrespecting and disregarding their legacy".

"Democracy is not just about our individual rights and concerns and our individual protections", Winfrey said, "but rather it lives and thrives in making sure that everybody is lifted by the community".

Oprah Winfrey has lent her star power to the Georgia Democrat aiming to become America's first black female governor in the midterm elections next week.

She was in the state on Thursday campaigning for Abrams, cheering "everybody gets a vote!"

"I'd like to remind Stacey and Oprah and Will Ferrell, I'm kind of a big deal, too", said Pence, who is not from Georgia. Her path to victory, as the campaign sees it, comes through activating voters who might have sat out past elections or never before cast a ballot while - at the same time, with the same message - appealing to political moderates, especially those tied into Atlanta's booming economy.

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