Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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All eyes on election results - Nomura

All eyes on election results - Nomura

The Democratic party is favored to win the House, where a wave of Republican retirements created open seats in competitive districts throughout the country.

History is not on any president's side in a midterm election.

Earlier in the day, Trump said during a tele-town hall organized by his re-election campaign that the media would treat the midterm results as a referendum on his presidency.

Voter turnout could be the highest for a midterm election in 50 years, experts predicted. "It's about stopping the GOP and Mitch McConnell's assault on Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, and millions of Americans living with pre-existing medical conditions".

Democrats hope the president's hardline rhetoric will help them entice younger voters, suburban moderates and minorities to the polls.

The nationwide survey indicated that almost two-thirds said Trump was a reason for their vote.

"They are convinced that we have become a socialist country already and that they've been jobbed out of elections which would prove that", he said.

A turbulent election season that tested President Donald Trump's slash-and-burn political style against the strength of the Democratic resistance comes to a close as Americans cast ballots in the first national election of the Trump era.

He bet big on a xenophobic closing message, warning of an immigrant "invasion" that promised to spread violent crime and drugs across the nation.

Trump was spending Election Day at the White House and tweeting support for Republicans in the toughest races. In the 1938 elections the Democrats at the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt took a beating, losing 71 seats, according to political publication PolitiFact.

Republicans are favoured to retain their slight majority in the U.S. Senate, now at two seats, which would let them retain the power to approve U.S. Supreme Court and other judicial nominations on straight party-line votes. Democrats, meanwhile, have beat their drum on health care.

New Jersey's Senate race was not expected to be close, but it may be.

"A vote for Marsha is really a vote for me and everything that we stand for", he said at an October event for Tennessee's Republican Senate nominee Marsha Blackburn. The Justice Department dropped the charges after his trial ended in an hung jury.

Republicans now hold 33 governorships and 65 legislative chambers, with Democrats controlling 31 and two being tied, according to the nonpartisan National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), which does not include Nebraska's nonpartisan, unicameral legislature in its count.

But he conceded on Monday the House may slip from his party's grasp.

Trump appeared to distance himself from the fate of House Republican candidates as he devotes his final time before Tuesday's midterm elections to helping Senate and gubernatorial candidates. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Sen. He's been spending a lot of time in New Hampshire.

He and the first lady were to host an evening watch party for family and friends.

Asked if she was 100% confident Democrats would retake control of the House, after more than a decade, Pelosi was unequivocal: "Yes, yes, I am", she said. If the Democrats control the House, they will be able to hinder Trump's ability to implement programs as he wishes.

The political and practical stakes were sky-high.

Republicans are bracing for a likely loss of seats in the House of Representatives but are favored to hold on to the Senate.

With a House majority, Democrats will have the power to investigate Trump's tax returns and possible conflicts of interest, and challenge his overtures to Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea. Tuesday's results will be colored by the dramatically different landscapes in the fight for the House and Senate.

Some 182 Republican incumbents are defending House seats in districts Trump won in 2016.

As victory celebrations fade and Democratic presidential hopefuls begin their campaigns on Wednesday, the party must rapidly figure out its ideological identity for 2020, said Gergen, who is now a professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

Democrats boast record diversity on the ballot.

Three states could elect their first African-American governors, while several others were running LGBT candidates and Muslims.

The two parties were also tangling in several crucial governors' races, including in Midwest battleground states such as Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and MI.

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