Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Forget polls: Sharks predict outcome of Florida Senate and governor's races

Forget polls: Sharks predict outcome of Florida Senate and governor's races

Florida will be the site of two tightly contested and important midterm elections on Tuesday, so President Donald Trump is traveling to the Florida panhandle for another one of his "Make America Great Again" rallies.

Scott took the stage on a patio at 27 Bar & Lounge on Sunday as part of a rally supporting him and former Rep. Ron DeSantis, a Republican running against Democrat Andrew Gillum for governor.

"They're Republicans and they're for businesses, and I love business", he said.

Obama's visit follows President Donald Trump's rally last weekend in Murphysboro for U.S. Rep. Mike Bost, who faces a tight re-election race in a once reliably Democratic southern IL district that supported Trump in 2016. So he's not gonna work for people who had it handed to them.

Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp joined together in condemning the automated telephone call that featured a voice impersonating Oprah Winfrey, the billionaire media star who campaigned in Georgia for Abrams Thursday. The network said it "misfired" after airing a fake vote tally from Florida's gubernatorial race.

Trump covets the Senate seats held by Democrats Joe Donnelly of IN and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, two states that the president won handily IN 2016.

"I think if Republicans vote and vote in big numbers on Tuesday, we will win all of these races", he said at a rally outside the Freedom Pharmacy on the east side of Orlando.

"Quick clarification here. Just want to say, earlier this hour, uh, we showed a graphic of the Florida gubernatorial race".

He has campaigned heavily on the issue, warning supporters Thursday that migrants would soon be 'overwhelming your schools, your hospitals, your communities'.

Meanwhile, DeSantis, who's stepped down from US Congress to run in this race, told supporters in Orlando he has a "proven record of being the leader Florida needs".

Still, Obama had a heavier lift on his hands in Miami than Trump did in Fort Myers, where it seemed like just about everyone at his rally had already voted the party line.

There's the Republican candidate arguing that his Democratic opponent won't stand up to Trump.

"Mayor Andrew Gillum and his challenger, former Congressman Ron DeSantis, are running exactly the same, 93 - 4 percent among self-identified members of each of their respective parties". That's because Florida is a high stakes swing state that could be a preview for 2020.

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