Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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Networks declare Democrats will capture the House of Representatives

Networks declare Democrats will capture the House of Representatives

Two US networks - Fox and NBC - are projecting the Democrats will win the 23 seats they need to take over the House of Representatives.

Wolf, who has been meeting with Democrats in key swing states in recent months, explained that the Democrats have an advantageous path to a House majority, but the path in the Senate is "incredibly tough". Ted Cruz eked out a victory over Rep. Beto O'Rourke.

Rep. Tim Ryan of OH, who challenged Pelosi unsuccessfully in 2016, has left the door open to the possibility of challenging the Democratic leader again, while others are mulling a bid only if Pelosi steps aside or if she were to be defeated in a run for speaker.

But in some other toss-up races, the GOP managed to hold on.

MA has its first black congresswoman - Ayanna Pressley winning the state's seventh district. Still, she was within striking distance in a Lexington-area district Trump won by 15 percentage points in 2016.

What's happening in House races?

But he will have to deal with a GOP-controlled Senate, as well as President Trump's potential veto pen.

Now we're getting to the some of the nation's marquee races: the initial returns from the Texas US Senate race, plus four competitive US House races in New Jersey and another eight in Pennsylvania. The incumbent was reprimanded by a Senate ethics panel after corruption charges were dismissed following a mistrial, turning a what should have been a sure bet for Democrats into a close fight. She stressed the president's efforts to mobilize GOP voters in a ground game aimed at "defying midterm history".

"Bottom line: anything from a Democratic gain of 20 to 45 seats remains well within the realm of possibility, but a gain of 30 to 40 seats - and House control - is the most likely outcome", Wasserman wrote today in an online post.

He estimated turnout would reach 45 percent; that would be the highest for a midterm election in 50 years.

Problems with voting machines prevented Americans from casting ballots in a dozen states, USA rights advocates said, following complaints about registration problems, faulty equipment and intimidation they have received throughout early balloting.

Goodstein, however, still believes that Trump "is uniquely disfavored" and numerous voters who strongly disapprove of Trump will take to the polls, allowing the Democrats to regain the House of Representatives.

Democrats ousted Republicans in suburban districts across the country Tuesday, taking the reins of power in the House and vowing to stand as a check to President Trump's agenda. Democrats tend to be concentrated regionally.

United States stocks opened flat on Tuesday as investors awaited the election results. He was active on Twitter throughout much of the day, blasting out endorsements for Republican candidates and weighing in on the balloting.

Former vice president Joe Biden, often touted as a possible Democratic candidate to take on Trump in 2020, said he'd have been "dumbfounded" not to win the House.

With a House majority, Democrats will have the power to investigate Mr Trump's tax returns, possible business conflicts of interest and allegations involving his 2016 campaign's links to Russian Federation. The Republican incumbent had been branded Barbara "Trumpstock" by Democrats in a race that pointed to Trump's unpopularity among college-educated women in the suburbs.

"The climate in our country right now, it just feels very divisive", said Caitlyn Ziegler, a 27-year-old who waited an hour to vote in Kansas City. "Do not let their scare tactics frighten you away from the polls".

There are 35 Senate races being decided across 33 states. About 2 in 10 each choose the economy and immigration as their top issue, and just 1 in 10 say it's gun policy.

A majority of the 113,000 voters surveyed said the country is headed in the wrong direction. More than two-thirds rate the economy as good, compared to 36 percent only two years ago.

"I don't know what the final result tonight will be, but the fact that we've had even a narrow path to winning the Senate is a testament to the hard work you've put in over the past two years", said Sen.

"I'd love to get along and I think after the election a lot of things can happen", Trump said.

Working together, but for how long?

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