Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Polls Open for Election Day

Polls Open for Election Day

If you don't have an ID, you can still cast a provisional ballot. A pollworker will bring a ballot and a voting device to you, assist you if need and place your ballot in the ballot box.

In recent years, we have becoming increasingly concerned with the integrity of elections in our nation ... and the very first step in safeguarding electoral integrity is to ensure that only those who are registered to vote actually cast ballots.

At least some of the ballots cast in CT seem destined for controversy after a day of heavy turnout and long lines in the mid-term elections.

Remember, there is no straight ticket voting option available on the ballot for this election.

Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman says those polling places will be staffed by election volunteers. Unlike the primaries, the general election is open to all registered voters.

Tomorrow is finally Election Day.

Any voter with an absentee ballot who has not yet mailed it should make arrangements to have the ballot delivered to their polling place or the municipal clerk's office by Tuesday.

McDonald said he believes most ballots will be counted by 11 p.m., but that all ballots may not be counted till midnight or 1 a.m. He said he believes, when all the votes are counted, it will be that high - or a little higher. But you won't be able to queue up after 6 p.m.

In Sedgwick County, polling places are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

It's too soon to tell what impact the overcast skies, light rain and snow showers will have on voter turnout. "In the event that an inactive voter remains in this status for another two federal election cycles (meaning the county board still has no contact with the voter), then the voter will be removed as a voter in the county".

The report blamed contractor Insight; the contractor turned in its own report, blaming county election workers for not knowing what they were doing.

"We've got record numbers of people voting early and also absentee, so maybe tomorrow will be pretty easy", he said. There were also reports of lines in Hartford, Stonington, Bristol and Wallingford among many other towns. There are also many local races and ballot questions in Broward County. "I think it's kind of a crime that it's not". Election Day should be a national holiday so that everyone has the time and opportunity to vote.

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