Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Florida teen charged with killing mom, burying her physique over poor grade

Florida teen charged with killing mom, burying her physique over poor grade

The teen, who NBC News is not identifying, confessed to police that he strangled his 46-year-old mother at the family's home, late Thursday into early Friday morning, according to a press release from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. The boy then went to school Friday morning and came home to report his mother as missing to police and their home ransacked by unknown intruders. So he went back to strangle her again. The boy initially told deputies his mother was missing, but Chitwood said he later admitted killing her mother while she was sleeping.

In this Reuters News video, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood says a 15-year-old boy confessed to strangling his mother to death and shares some detail of the boys actions.

Gail then called stepfather Danny Cleavenger - who was away on a business trip in Seattle - to tell him about the grade, before going to bed around 11pm.

The DeBary teenager accused of strangling his mother to death because of an argument over school grades will remain in detention, a judge ruled Sunday.

The murder of Gail Cleavenger is as gruesome as it is chilling, with the local sheriff telling Fox 35 that the case is "one of the most disturbing and saddest I've seen in my career".

Officers also found computers and other electronics including a Playstation and a rifle at a different location in DeBary that had been moved while staging the burglary. Chitwood said the boy is one of the "top three sociopaths" he has ever encountered, calling him a "soulless individual".

Sgt AJ Pagliari, who interviewed Ramos Friday, branded him 'cold, calculated and unemotional'. "By all accounts she was an fantastic human being", Chitwood said.

"We would come home and sit in the driveway and talk about our kids having driver's license finally, and all that kind of stuff", Hackett said.

He described the boy as appearing "very proud of what he did" during his re-telling of the events. All our hearts break for this family. Ramos was a member of the Orange City Police Explorers and took criminal justice classes in which he studied crime scenes, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

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