Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

Fortnite's NFL outfit transforms into 33 football team's uniforms

Fortnite's NFL outfit transforms into 33 football team's uniforms

It was only logical that the world's most popular video game and the most popular professional sport in the USA come together. The Fortnite partnership is a great opportunity for millions of National Football League fans who are also Fortnite players to make known their passionate interest inside the game, while at the same time exposing the National Football League brand to many other people.

Lastly, starting on Friday November 9th, you'll be able to purchase NFL uniforms, based on real world American Football teams and players.

There will be three male and three female variations of avatars to purchase. Players will also see several customization options. The Fotnite NFL skins are just the latest example of this. Once our character touches this rift, we fall back onto the Fortnite map from the sky and behold, the new leaky lake is right below us. But never fear, they're sticking around a little longer in a brand new Team Terror limited time mode. Earlier this year, Pittsburgh Steelers WR Juju Smith-Schuster, one of the game's best-spoken advocates, played on one of Ninja's squads, which also featured Drake and Travis Scott. They will also sport official team badges, but if you want to, you can swap those for Fortnite logos.

For Save the World players, the second part of Fortnitemares has arrived and finally lets players square off against Vlad.

Similar to the Epic and Legendary AR (which we all know is, and call, a Scar), the Heavy AR is inspired by another real world weapon, the AK47 - a gun that's featured in nearly every shooter game, ever.

Meanwhile, the limited time mode, called Team Terror, takes two teams of 32 players and mixes them with Cube Monsters.

Two of the biggest media forces have teamed up for some football fun. It is similar to the PvP and environment gameplay added with Halloween Fortnitemares.

Scattered across the island, with more appearing every time the storm contracts, these malicious creatures will attack anything that moves. The delay between each circle is also smaller, resulting in matches lasting about 15 minutes.

The system would also be introduced on PC, but with the speed at which players can edit on keyboard and mouse, it's unlikely that it would made a significant difference to those who play on a computer.

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