Published: Fri, November 16, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Store’s heartwarming Christmas advertisement features John Elton

Store’s heartwarming Christmas advertisement features John Elton

It is a welcome return to form for the British retailer, which turned out a surprisingly boring affair with last year's Moz the Monster.

Yes - as per the John Lewis website, there are some varieties of pianos and keyboards available to purchase from the department store.

Hudson plays a young Elton performing a piano recital at school in front of an audience, including his mum.

It's here. John Lewis have launched their 2018 Christmas advertising campaign, The Boy And The Piano.

This year's ad is titled, "The Boy and the Piano" and is set to the soundtrack of Elton's first big hit, Your Song.

It all starts - as Elton's career once did - with a special piano gift for Christmas.

The storefront of John Lewis" Oxford Street flagship has been changed to "John'.

The advert features Elton's classic "Your Song" which was also used in their 2010 campaign which featured #CapitalJBB confirmed artist Ellie Goulding's cover.

While it's not been confirmed how much Elton has received for the Christmas campaign, he was rumoured to be in line for a £5 million pay day.

Elton John has donated a portion of his fee to his charitable trust.

Fans of the new John Lewis ad included former MP and Strictly Come Dancing star Ed Balls, who said it was "totally brilliant", and TV presenter Susanna Reid who responded: "Absolutely love it".

However, the retailer says that figure is "wildly inaccurate" and that spend on the ad is broadly similar to previous years.

From Monty the Penguin to The Man on the Moon, John Lewis certainly know how to bring a tear to our eye.

Nearly all of the ads have proved exceptionally effective, delivering huge spikes in sales.

John's popularity as a British national treasure combined with the brilliant, emotive creative should help A Boy in a Piano deliver impressive results at a time when the United Kingdom retailer and other high street department stores are struggling.

Elton John's John Lewis commercial will make televised debut on Britain's ITV Thursday evening.

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