Published: Sun, December 02, 2018
Medical | By Mark Scott

CDD Ghana Pushes For Voluntary Testing On World AIDS Day

CDD Ghana Pushes For Voluntary Testing On World AIDS Day

Speaking before World Aids Day tomorrow, Mr Russell-Moyle, who was infected ten years ago, said he had applauded others for revealing their HIV status and thought: "I also need to be so courageous to do that.' The 32-year-old said health cuts meant he could not 'keep quiet any more" about the issue.

Russell-Moyle talked about how becoming undetectable has changed his life, his relationships, and the way he came to terms with being HIV positive. However, stigma is still with us and it presents a high barrier to HIV prevention. He emphasised more on HIV testing and to get tested.

The minister said HIV self-test kits would be availed in pharmacies and online for purchase through smart phones or internet in order to boost people's willingness to participate in HIV interventions.

Over half of people living with HIV (54%) had experienced HIV discrimination in dating and relationships.

Last week, citing remarks at a national health commission conference, official news agency Xinhua reported that there were an estimated 1.25 million HIV-positive people in China.

On the stigma surrounding HIV, Mr Russell-Moyle added: "Of course there are low level elements of stigma in every day life, in terms of just lack of knowledge, people reacting with guttural reaction".

Mr Russell-Moyle was afforded a rare round of applause in the Commons following his speech, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn praised his "bravery". "We don't have to worry about STIs", says a 34-year-old from Moneragala. He is the second MP to disclose that he is living... He also said declaring the illness was his "duty as a Member of Parliament". Still, approximately 9.4 million people do not know that they are living with HIV.

The former MP, who now sits in the House of Lords as Lord Smith of Finsbury, explained in 2013 that speaking about his HIV status was "a whole lot more difficult" than he had anticipated. Jacob Castrejana said that's why he's now talking publicly about his status.

"This was a couple of years before I eventually chose to speak out about it. I thought my partners were safe", Rohan said, and he was proved wrong.

This year's World AIDS day is on the theme: "Know Your Status".

The isolation and stigma felt by black Africans living with HIV in the United Kingdom is what contributes largely to them being diagnosed later than the general United Kingdom population.

However, prior to this goal, UNAIDS has set an ambitious treatment target of "90-90-90" by 2020 to help end the AIDS epidemic.

The only way to find out if you have HIV is to have an HIV test, which, as well as helping to protect sexual partners from infection, can also significantly improve the effectiveness of treatments available, especially if diagnosed earlier.

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