Published: Mon, December 03, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Ex-Dallas Police Officer Charged with Murder

Ex-Dallas Police Officer Charged with Murder

Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer accused of fatally shooting her neighbor in his own apartment was indicted on murder charges Friday, PEOPLE confirms.

Lee Merritt, the Jean family attorney, said at a news conference Friday that the murder charge was a rare example of a US police officer being charged with murder for violence against a black man.

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson on Friday thanked and praised the grand jury for the "diligence they have given to this case". Although she was arrested for manslaughter, the grand jury had the ability to keep that charge, change it to murder or not charge her at all.

Guyger was initially arrested on a manslaughter charge and was released from jail on US$300,000 bond the same day she was arrested.

Guyger had allegedly shot Jean, after she mistook him for an intruder upon entering his apartment after her shift was over.

A former Dallas police officer, who said she mistakenly shot and killed an unarmed neighbor, has been charged with murder on November 30, reported the Dallas Observer.

Guyger was at first placed on administrative leave after shooting Jean but was sacked days later, with the Dallas police chief citing her actions the night of the shooting and afterward.

Guyger was originally charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean.

"This is a bad tragedy that resulted from a true mistake", he said.

The Dallas County court records were posted Friday before authorities were set to announce a grand jury's decision on the fate of Amber Guyger.

She told police she opened the door of the unit she believed was hers and saw a "large silhouette", which she thought was a burglar, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. "I said, 'Mom do you want us to stop and go to the grand jury?' And she said 'no, keep going'".

When asked if she felt Guyger still has an opportunity to come clean, Allison said, "Absolutely, during the trial, she still has a chance to come clean, the only thing is every time I read an account of what happened on September 6th, it's different to what I heard the first time".

Dallas' police chief says all personnel in her department continue to feel "anguish" over the fatal shooting of a 26-year-old black man inside his own apartment by a white off-duty officer.

Within days of the manslaughter charge, Johnson pledged to convene a grand jury to more fully examine the shooting.

CNN quoted Botham's mother, Allison Jean, as telling a news conference that she is satisfied with the Guyger murder indictment. She has since been fired from the department. Jean was later transported to the hospital where he died.

Guyger was sacked on September 24. The family has filed a lawsuit against Guyger and the city of Dallas.

"This is groundbreaking, but it is also just a start", family members told reporters, explaining that a grand jury indictment "doesn't mean the case itself will be a slam dunk".

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