Published: Mon, December 03, 2018
Sport | By Ruben Hill

Wilder retains heavyweight crown after Fury thriller ends in draw

Wilder retains heavyweight crown after Fury thriller ends in draw

I didn't sit still.

The next two rounds were fairly quiet in nature - though Wilder busted Fury's nose open late in the fourth.

"No wonder AJ didn't want no part of that right hand, oh, he can't move like me - he would have been nailed!" I couldn't let it go tonight.

"As long as I'm focused for the full duration of the fight, I don't see him landing any punches at all", Fury said. "I thought I should have took the belt home".

A right hand sent Fury rocking backwards towards the deck and a brutal left hand on the way down appeared to be the coup de grace for the challenger. Fury crumbled onto his back, completely out.

That night in Germany in November 2015 is thus far Fury's biggest night in his career, but should he take the scalp of Wilder, the boxing world would be turned on its' head and the Briton's fairytale return in Hollywood would be complete. He was already heading to the canvas from Wilder's powerful right hand, but on the way down, Wilder connected with an even more vicious left hook. In his worst state, Fury was almost 400 pounds. It was a tremendous action round as they exchanged fierce punches. While the Wilder and Fury showdown is expected to start around 11:30 PM ET/8:30 PM PT. EST but it's always subject to change.

Fury however recovered well and regained his composure to resume where he had left off.

The world of sport was impressed with Fury's performance and post-match words, with Rio Ferdinand and Lennox Lewis among those paying tribute to him.

On the first occasion, the fall was not as extreme as in the final round but as he has displayed in the past, it appears that heavy falls only serve to strengthen the resolve of Fury.

Something has to give this weekend then, with both men putting unbeaten record on the line - with Wilder his WBC gold into the bargain.

"So really he is owed a thank you for being professional and doing it under that conduct", Davison concluded.

Don't just read about it, travel to some of the best tournaments and sporting events in the world. "The respect was mutual".

Wilder landed just 71 of 430 punches thrown, or barely 17 percent.

A year later, he vacated his titles, following an investigation into doping and a cancelled rematch with Klitschko.

"The rematch, I guarantee I'm going to get him", Wilder said.

"I'm what you call a pro athlete that loves to box". "You see many of these rich people's kids doing nothing because they had it too easy".

As the count of Jack Reiss, the referee, reached five, Fury seemed to wake up.

"We're the two best in the world and we proved it tonight".

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