Published: Sat, December 29, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

PlayStation Plus January 2019 Includes Steep, Portal Knights and More

PlayStation Plus January 2019 Includes Steep, Portal Knights and More

The games will be free for download starting 1 January and will last around a month before the games reverts to their original prices. The game supports up to 4 players, and you can compete with others in this winter sports game.

One of the very best decisions that console makers Microsoft and Sony have made, is to offer free games to those who are members of their Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus programs each month. The two titles come as the headliners are "Steep" and "Portal Knight".

The entire world was excited to find out that Sony wants to release PlayStation Classic once again. With The Division 2 set to have a beta early next year, and the game's release set for March, it's the ideal time for Ubisoft to introduce new players to the shared world action game.

IGN also reviewed Zone of the Enders HD Collection, and you can check out IGN's Amplitude review as well for our thoughts on both PS3 free titles for January. So, you only to have a Plus Membership and can enjoy the listed games on PlayStation cross Platforms.

"The Warframe: PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III has a little bit of everything to jump start your game". Games like Spyro and Crash, which were unofficial mascots of the PlayStation, also went under remasters and different owners. "PS Plus members can get the pack for free from now until January 15, 2019". Marc-Andre Jutras, who worked with such companies as Activision and Ubisoft and is now teamed with Cradle Games on a forthcoming role-playing adventure called Hellpoint, recently spoke with GamingBolt about the backward compatible possibilities on the new systems- and he believes it's a vital feature.

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