Published: Sat, January 05, 2019
Medical | By Mark Scott

Number Of People Die After Swine Flu Outbreak

Number Of People Die After Swine Flu Outbreak

Widespread activity is the highest level, which means increased flu cases or outbreaks in at least half of Kentucky. Nationally 13 children have died from the flu, none of which were from Virginia.

There were more flu-related deaths a year ago: 34 by the end of December.

It is not too late to get the flu shot, for those who have not done so yet.

"We got ours in September because we were going on vacation and we wanted to make sure we were covered", Hemshrot said. This year, Pedati says the vaccine is doing well against the virus strain.

The H1N1 strain tends to cause milder illness than H3N2, the predominant strain during last year's particularly severe flu season, and vaccination tends to be more effective against H1N1 than H3N2.

"Last year was a record bad year", Brammer said.

"Talk to a care provider (to find out) what is best for you but it is crucial that caregivers have the flu shot", said Savannah Thompson, health educator at Scotland County Health Department.

Health experts say when it comes to the flu, there are major symptoms to be on the look out for - especially ones that appear suddenly and severely.

A new form of vaccine has come in the form of a nasal spray, and has been recommended for healthy, non-pregnant persons ages 2-49. "We know that in the 2016-2017 flu season, it prevented more than 5 million cases of flu". "They are always at the highest risk of death along with the very elderly", Skolnik said.

In addition to getting the flu vaccine, there are other ways to protect yourself from getting the flu.

When you are sick, try to limit your contact with others. "Frequent handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or a sleeve can also reduce the spread of influenza". All visitors are urged to wash their hands before and after their visits.

Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with flu germs.

"Flu is likely very underreported", Galbraith said.

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